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Mexedrone Trip Report
My initial over-enthusiasm has been tempered somewhat by these excellent TR's. I think the comparisons with 4-MMC are just causing confusion on what people remember or never got to try. If I expect 4MMC effects then I'm likely to be disappointed. I'll try and treat it as one of the many other RC's I've tried since legal changes. But 

I also think people seem to react very differently to RC's. For me my body enjoys the Dopamine effect from RC's, and not so much Serotonin or Norepi. I would walk over hot coals to get 4MMC, B2, JGG's but hated APB's and Eph, 3FPM does nothing for me and the new batch of MDAI does what APB's did for me and just leaves me monged sat in the same spot for hours. Even combining with MPA just ruined the effect of the MPA. So yrmv.

Ive got a sample of Mex coming tomorrow which I will bomb first as that's my preferred ROA.

I'll post a TR tomorrow night assuming it arrives in the post. But trying to reign in my initial excitement of it being a 4MMC replacement and see it as a potential replacement/adjunct to the best thing that works for me at the moment being MPA.
Shine On!
Thanks I really want hear about the effects from bombing it as it is the only option available to me .
(29-07-2015, 04:56 PM)loveetypestuff Wrote: Thanks I really want hear about the effects from bombing it as it is the only option available to me .

Testing this in combination with MPA currently; so far results are good enough to consider a repeat (from 200mg of mex and 100mg of MPA, 2h 40min ago.

Report from Komp on 200mg oral was much akin to my experience of 100mg intranasal, euphoric but not stimulating, almost sedating. For that reason I didn't want to sample a larger dose orally without combining it with something. Very positive, report will go up later.
Look forward to the details.

I will try bombing 300mg Mex tomorrow on its own first to see if at higher doses is more euphoric.

Interesting to see how the MPA in the combo effects 'the horn'! With 4MMC you had incredible horn and quite a disturbing internet search history a day later! But complete stim dick.

With MPA I get decent horn, not full on perversion like 4MMC but more than average. But with MPA I don't get stim dick, or not to the extent that its an exercise in futility which it was on B2 etc....
Shine On!
(24-07-2015, 01:39 PM)Kompressor Wrote: Why? You just PMed me about stopping this mindless crap? You go to the same schol  as Tom Selleck to learn ignorance to ignore me?

Facepalm  he just doesn't learn. Reported your post to the mods..
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