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Mexedrone, Nasal, Oral
Bit shit at this don't have the attention span to write proper TRs but I thought Id give this a go and hope that it is in anyway insightful.
I wont be purchasing this chemical again.


75g kratom used in last 5 days. 80Mg MDAI used yesterday. 150mg DiHydroCodeine last night.

1145 - 00:00- 40mg railed uncomfortable burning but manageable
00:02 - Horrible drip welcomed as very similar to the good ol shit.
00:04 - euphoria setting in, familiar meow "haziness" slight stimulation but noticable
00:06 - coming up slowly lightheadedness, very nice at the moment, 
        music appreciation very present. head bumping to the beat.
00:09 - leveling out nice chilled stimulation slight bruxism.
00:15 another 40mg railed nose still burning from first 40. Jumping in the shower.
00:25 - Shower more pleasent than usual, classic cathinone effects but at this dose still functional
        urge to redose but I has already destroyed 1 nostril so gonna try a oral dose.
00:45 - Havnt redosed salt and vinegar chipsticks went down normally, effects very slowly tapering off.
01:00 - Couple poppadoms eaten and 155mg bombed in a green skin
01:25 - definite euphoria starting to become present slightly blurred vision, very slight but manageable nausea.
01:30 - slight sedated buzz going defo a background high, body chills and jaw clenching present
01:45 - Not much happening, effects present but subtle, chilled out little tired.
02:05 - 100mg railed in 2 lines.
02:10 - stimulation very noticable like the first rail but way stronger
02:20 - very mild ffeeling another 50mg railed.
02:30 - nice euphoria rising way more than mpa and 3fpm maybe even mdai. very little stimulation. cold sweats and very mild body shaking not really unpleasent though
02:39 - switching from sedated to wide eyed awakeness
02:45 - 35mg 3fpm consumed in drink
03:30 - last dose 100mg insufflated

Report ends here not much else happened, the 3fpm was potentiated but also severe nausea was encountered as was excessive urination

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