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Mexedrone 550mg oral - world of disappointment
So, finally got to try some mexedrone last night. This TR is going to be kinda short, as I really don't have much to say. I've never tried 4-MMC so I didn't approach it with any expectations or unfair comparisons. Judging it by its own merit only. Firstly, no substances consumed for several weeks, so tolerance shouldn't have been a factor here. Not even any alcohol consumed. Allergy test done previous night will no noticeable effects.

0:00 200mg taken orally
0:30 Still nothing...
0:40 Something there. Slight fuzzy feeling, but zero stimulation.
0:55 Never progressed any further. Feel completely back to baseline.
1:00 Another 200mg bombed.
1:30 Back to the fuzzy feeling, but still very subtle.
1:45 Hasn't really done anything more. I'd compare it to 2 beers. Definitely something there, but zero stimulation and I'm actually feeling more tired than anything else. Checked pupils and no dilation whatsoever.
2:00 Started to fade, so taken 150mg more and then I'll call it a night.
2:40 Back to where I was an hour ago, but still incredibly mild. There's a slight 'coming up' feeling which I'd compare to a threshold dose of MDAI, but never progresses. Feels like it's trolling me to keep dosing with the promise of something better. Clearly this is it.
3:00 Completely back to baseline. Given up, going to bed.

Conclusion: Honestly, I had the lowest of expectations and even I was disappointed. Sure it's not completely inactive, but so subtle it's bearly worth bothering with. To get through over half a gram of this in a relatively short space of time and get nothing more than the effect of 2 beers (and shorter duration than 2 beers!) just tells me that this stuff is junk. Closest comparison I can make is to MDAI, but I'd say MDAI is miles better. Even the low purity brown MDAI that was going around a while ago was significantly better than this. Can't understand why this is even being brought to market, I certainly won't be buying any. If it was selling for £1 a gram, I'd still give it a miss.
That's strange that you felt almost nothing at 550mg. I mean it's not what it's hyped to be but I thought it would give some good results at that dose. When I insufflated doses it was ticking all the right boxes but never went far enough to say for certain. When I tried oral it was coming on really nicely but I fell asleep!

I've got some left which I'm going to have to try nasal again.

Have you tried insufflation yet?
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I've never insufflated anything and don't intend to start. All cathinones I'm aware of are active orally in any case, so if this is actually a cathinone as claimed, it shouldn't be an issue. Quite a few others have tried insufflation though and haven't reported any major differences.

It was ticking the right boxes for me initially as it felt like something good was incoming, but sadly it never seems to go further.
Mexedrone is not a cathinone (otherwise it would be illegal) and therefore may not be active orally. It is possible that it must be insuffluated to get decent effects.
It seems to be 4-methyl-n-methoxycathinone, which is legal (class B ester, only A and C would be illegal). Should be a prodrug for 4-methylcathinone (4-MC), which is apparently not so great.

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