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Mexedrone 200mg + methiopropamine 100mg (oral, repeated)
Hey dw magick no-one here thinks you're important. Obvipously some sort of mistake.
"To fall in hell or soar angelic you need a pinch of psychedelic".
Humphry Osmond to Aldous Huxley (in a book)

I did about 600 mg mex and 150 mpa .I could clearly tell which feelings I was getting from each and the 150 mpa was counteracted as I would normaly have had a lot more stimulation from that dose without tolerance .

In the beginning it felt nice and that I was getting somwhere but never really happened for me .I had urges of hornyness but to act upon was way too much effort .

Today I can smell the Mexedrone through my skin .I think mexedrone and a spliff would probably be better for a few hours chilling .

I got cold a few times on this and only really broke into a sweat testing the horn .

After I was back to base with a little residual left from the stim I took 2 mg diclazepand with a beer and drfted off to sleep .

I think 3 fpm would be a better combo but that is to addictive for me and hard on the body .
Im sure I saw a few vendors in the past offering a combo of Mex (A supposed purely setronergic compound) along with some kind of Stim that had dopaminergic properties. Can’t remember which vendor or which compounds apart from one combo with Caffeine. I laughed hard at that cus I had just finished reading the Mex thread where everyone was falling asleep on it lol

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