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Mexedrone 200mg + methiopropamine 100mg (oral, repeated)
Mexedrone + methiopropamine combo trip report (oral)

There has been a lot of talk about the possibility of combining mexedrone with either MPA or 3-FPM, with a view to enhancing the overall stimulation or enjoying the euphoria without sedation. Well, someone had to do it.

This experiment is in effect brought about (of course not encouraged or sanctioned) by UKRC; the MPA crystal is from a free gram they sent with my first order and the mexedrone is from a sample that they were kind enough to volunteer. My thanks to them for the opportunity; the least I can do is to sample the two together and see if we have a worthwhile combo.

Typically, I find MPA to be more effective orally than intranasally, and I don’t fancy snorting 100mg+ of mexedrone as well as 100mg of MPA, so it looks like oral administration will be the way to go here. I am not entirely certain about the optimal dosage; for mexedrone it seems that a 200mg oral dose is not unthinkable, whilst for methiopropamine a dosage of 50-100mg is effective. Throwing caution somewhat to the winds (combinations should really be tested at lower doses), I think that 200mg of mexedrone and 100mg of methiopropamine will be a decent test and is unlikely to be dangerous. Here we go, then.

Subject: male, mid 30s, 70kg
Experience: limited prior experience with mexedrone, plenty with MPA
Substance: mexedrone crystal + methiopropamine crystal
RoA: oral, bombed in paper
Dosage: 200mg mexedrone + 100mg methiopropamine initially
200mg mexedrone + 100mg methiopropamine repeated after 3h10m
Combinations: empty stomach, 1.5 litres of 4.5% ale, three or four joints of cannabis

T+0m 200mg mexedrone + 100mg MPA crystal ingested @ 15:57
T+2m Mild feeling of nausea, probably psychosomatic. I don’t like bombing in rizlas too much.
T+10m Nausea gone, almost certainly psychosomatic.
T+20m No substantial effects so far. Expecting onset at around 45 mins.
T+23m First alerts of something cerebrally. Unduly cold hands noted, possibly unrelated, too early for vaso.
T+25m Definite signs of mood lift, the mexedrone is hitting before the MPA.
T+38m Sudden rush of euphoria, rather nice. Slight glowing / sweating begins.
T+40m The combination feels comparable to a decent dose of 4-FA, glowing euphoria but no real stim yet.
T+48m Full on euphoria, comparable with 100-120mg of 4-FA. Less sedating than 5-Meo-DALT. Nice.
T+50m Ambivalent about a third and final beer; water would make far more sense but I’m tempted. Likewise by another spliff. Feels like something to sit and enjoy still; the stimulation is less than might be expected from the 100mg of MPA crystal but the euphoria is lovely and the overall effect is nice. Could do this again. No physical discomfort, no obvious increase in HR or BP, just a substantial mood lift.
T+55m Decided in favour of a third beer and a second joint in due course but also to take both slowly, not acted on it yet. This remains really quite pleasant and I don’t want to mess it up. Very enjoyable, and so far the modest amount of alcohol doesn’t seem to hurt at all.
T+1h Definitely feel far more positive about the combo than about mexedrone on its own. So far I’m not able to distinguish effects of the mexedrone and of the MPA; it feels euphoric and very pleasant, but still not as strongly stimulating as anticipated. The synergy is almost perfect; this represents a higher dose of mexedrone than I would naturally be comfortable with and a higher dose of MPA than I typically use, and yet I have nothing negative to say about the combination.
T+1h30m Peak of the rush seems to be past, still quite pleasant and enjoyable. Less stimulation than anticipated from the MPA but no negative effects to report. Some cannabis is smoked, and the third and last beer is again considered. And again, not acted on. Too busy enjoying this.
T+2h0m Still agreeable, definitely in the afterglow stage. So far, this feels benign enough that I could cheerfully consider a redose (though it’s a bit soon yet).
T+2h25m Still thinking about fetching the third beer. Taken me an hour and a half since my initial decision that I wanted it - that’s borne of contentment rather than of conservatism. My only reservation would still be that a stim it is not; the MPA nicely offsets some of the sedating impact of the mexedrone and the combo is divinely euphoriant - but what I want to do with that is to sit here, enjoy it, drink another beer and have another smoke (as opposed to get work done, go out on the town, seek out social arrangements or whatever). Still nothing negative to report, I’m pleased to say.
T+2h35m There are signs of stim dick, pupil dilation, (very) mild vasoconstriction but they feel subjectively less than they did from a single intranasal dose of mexedrone on its own and the overall experience is still sufficiently pleasant that I am far less aware of any physical symptoms than before. This is incongruous with the co-administration of MPA and is likely to have something to do with the two beers. Whatever way, it still feels like a good idea to drink a third beer and probably to redose. Nothing whatsoever to complain about physically.
T+2h50m Finally I get around to fetching the third beer, only took me two hours! Still pleasant, progressing into an afterglow. I’ve nothing to do this evening and I’m quite seriously considering a redose with the same again.

Divide up your reading of this report here. My reaction to that first dose was unequivocally positive. The redose wasn’t bad, but spot the change in tone....

T+3h Decided in favour of a redose; weighed out another 200mg of mexedrone and 100mg of MPA. Last time, using the uncrushed crystals resulted in two rather large bombs, so the combined crystals were transferred into folded card and crushed. The 300mg bomb was a large for a single paper and split at one end (happily with next to no loss, maybe 1-2mg), so I emptied a gelatine capsule that had previously contained 600mg of n-acetyl-cysteine, and dumped the whole thing in that.
T+3h10m Ingested the second bomb, another 200mg mexedrone and 100mg methiopropamine crystal. Wasn’t expecting I’d either want to do this or be free to do so, but I am, and given my usually conservative approach this is rather a vote of confidence. At just gone 7pm, this will have to be the final dose of the day if I intend to sleep tonight.
T+3h45m First alerts, again rather subtle, slight mood lift. No great rush as yet. Still sipping my beer slowly.
T+4h0m Agreeable rather than not, with light buy continuing mood enhancement, but redosing is rather disappointing as compared with the initial dose. There is no obvious rush and no obvious glow this time, but it’s still pleasant. Slight bruxism.
T+4h10m I spoke too soon. Sudden “eyes open” effect, glow to forehead, euphoria, sweating (became profuse), rushing. A glass of water was taken, but the rush gave way to a short-lived panic attack, marked by increased anxiety, dizziness, increased sweating and a slight increase in heart rate. Very quickly resolved by divesting myself of a T-shirt and lying down in front of the French doors to get a cool breeze. Didn’t black out or feel like I would; lying down was a precaution and the “panic attack” was very short, less than five minutes. Very little residual anxiety either, probably just a question of “was that too much too soon?”. Answer: no, probably not.
T+4h30m Back on my feet and back to feeling generally pretty good, with some light mood enhancement coupled with reasonable alertness. No serious physical symptoms; there is mild bruxism and again some mild vasoconstriction but heart rate is normal, sweating has stopped and nothing is amiss. Any and all negative effects are really quite mild compared with what I’ve had from other RC stims and would not deter me from using this combo again. Redosing doesn’t seem so beneficial, though; the effects the second time round seem to be far more methiopropamine than mexedrone and the extent and duration of any “rush” or mood boost was limited. This is not entirely surprising; a serotonin/dopamine releasing agent can release a rush of serotonin/dopamine so far as possible, but repeat administration over a short space of time will not cause more serotonin to be produced. This is very much in keeping with my earlier findings of rapid tolerance to intranasal dosing; once the benefit has been had, it’s been had for a few days at least. Saying that, only five days had elapsed between Friday’s reports of tolerance and Wednesday’s effective dose, so whilst tolerance seems to be immediate, it is not protracted. This seems to confirm the previous hypothesis of dose right, dose once, leave alone for a few days. I am not sure this will lend itself to binging; it’s great for a couple of hours of euphoria but perhaps self-limiting.
T+5h Barring the fact that I feel a bit cold (hands and feet in particular) all is good, and there is still a slight mood lift without undue sedation. The redose does not feel in any way unpleasant, threatening or jittery, just markedly less euphoric and less evidently beneficial than the initial dose. From my limited testing, I hypothesise that this wants to be left more than one full day between doses (tolerance was an issue after 26 hours), but that five days’ break is sufficient in this individual to get a rather nice rush off it again. The combination with MPA is in my estimation a definite improvement and the 200mg/100mg dose was about right. I can’t imagine a vastly increased benefit or duration from higher doses; perhaps the rush could be made even more acute but I would not perceive this as a benefit. I still feel more than all right.
T+5h30m Some tea is made (decaffeinated), I’ve quit drinking beer for the night partly because three is sufficient and partly because I’ve run out. Mood is still good and no physical symptoms to report, though I still feel unusually cold. Definitely past the peak so far as outright euphoria is concerned; there is still something of a boost in alertness and/or wakefulness from the methiopropamine and I would describe the effects at this point as afterglow rather than as comedown.
T+5h50m First awareness of feeling somewhat tired. Nothing extreme, yawned once or twice. Feel quite relaxed, can’t envisage there being any need for sedatives in managing the “comedown” (if you can even call it that). There is no compulsion or desire to redose again; it’s lovely, but the benefit of the second dose was subdued and I believe a third would be wasted.
T+6h0m The report could just as well end here; the major effects of both substances are largely past at 3 hours after dosing. I expect some residual stim from the MPA until anywhere up to 6 hours after the last dose, but the balance of the effects is truly benign and I don’t expect sleep to be a major problem.


Admittedly I have not tested 200mg oral mexedrone on its own, but, the combo with MPA seemed to improve the experience as compared with 100mg intranasal (or others’ reports of 200mg oral) and to reduce unwanted sedation as compared with either. A definite improvement in my book, lots of fun on the first dose. Redosing just after T+3h was less positive; my brief moment of panic was wholly idiopathic and would almost certainly be avoided if I were to repeat the same thing again, but any “rush” from the redose was less euphoric and more physical than the initial dose. Happily I do quite like MPA and the balance of the second half of the experience was not unpleasant for me, just a letdown after the first dose.

In conclusion, the combination is nice and it’s good for a couple of hours of euphoric stim, but it seems to lose a fair bit of efficacy at the first redose. Would be fun for a short boost on a night out; I suspect that any attempt to have a longer binge on it would become self-limiting.

That’s all for now; I’m planning to go to bed in the next hour or two (T+8h or 9h) and already feeling like I could sleep. I’ll post again if there are any further observations on the after-effects of a total of 400mg of mexedrone and 200mg of MPA. It doesn’t feel bad at the moment; some tiredness but no signs of low mood, discomfort, overstimulation or other problems. 

magick edited 17-08-2015 12:05 AM this post because:

Disclaimer: subsequent to this report, vendors are claiming that this was a poor quality batch, and that the "mexedrone" they sampled had a clearly stimulant quality of its own. Various batches have emerged with differing properties, raising doubts both about the relevance of this report to "mexedrone" as it may be found in the current market and also about the nature, consistency and legality of the (probably various) substances being supplied under the name "mexedrone".

Comparison to MDMA?

Thanks btw! :P
This is outrageous. This is contagious. So futile.
Thanks for trip report.
"Me and sleep are good friends but we haven't seen much of each other recently!"
Nice, thorough report, just as the last one. I'm guessing you normally smoke a lot of Js but don't you think that has a bearing on your experience? And the beers as well... Normally I would imagine one would approach a novel trial without any confounding variables if possible... But at least you've made us aware that is a factor in your experience.
(30-07-2015, 12:56 AM)chickenskittles Wrote: Nice, thorough report, just as the last one. I'm guessing you normally smoke a lot of Js but don't you think that has a bearing on your experience? And the beers as well... Normally I would imagine one would approach a novel trial without any confounding variables if possible... But at least you've made us aware that is a factor in your experience.

Yes, of course it has some bearing on the experience... as indeed can a cup of tea, an empty stomach or a sleepless night. I would agree it's not a particularly clean experiment - and while we're on the subject, I should probably have started at lower doses and avoided redosing, too.

In this case, testing mexedrone and MPA under such conditions struck me as representative of circumstances in which I might have a use for it. Experiences of mexedrone on its own would have led me not to test oral doses; too euphoric and not enough stim for my wishes. I was looking to see whether I could add that euphoria for circumstances where I'd be likely to use MPA but want something more recreational. 

Those circumstances don't happen too often but where they do, consumption of alcohol and/or cannabis is more likely than not (I'm thinking beach parties, festivals, the odd bash with close friends) so the admittedly unclean test is realistic, for me. The euphoria of mexedrone (relative to its stimulant effects) is such that I can't see me wanting to use it except in purely recreational moments where I'd be comfortable getting visibly off my face. If I'm not in a situation where drinking and smoking is the norm, I can't see me adding mexedrone to a functional stim. 

Sure, this could produce some variability, and the same doses with no downers of any kind might be more aggressive or less tolerable. That being said, there are confounding factors to most user experience reports; mine offer no claim to be scientific and I freely admit to changing multiple variables where I think it makes sense. In this case, besides the beer or the pot, I'd switched to oral RoA for the first time with mexedrone, doubled the dose of mexedrone compared with the highest single dose I'd had before and, as I had found it almost sedating before, I upped my typical dose of MPA by a third as compared with what I'd take from baseline.  Too many variables? Yes, but that was no accident.

My aim was to test the (subjective) desirability and tolerability of mexedrone with a view to deciding whether I might want more of it. That determined an RoA that should be feasible in public, a dose agreed as effective by fairly tolerant users and a requirement for a respectable amount of adjunctive stimulation if it were to stand a chance. This much had been planned the day before - fancying an ale during the afternoon hadn't, but on the balance of probabilities and with some research, I figured it would do no harm to proceed with the test in the presence of a modest amount of alcohol.

Sure, it's horrendously unscientific, but you can hopefully see my reasoning. With ~0.6g left to sample, I didn't have another use case for it unless it were desirable and tolerable to do something like this. Which it clearly was, at least for one-off, occasional doses, and that - despite the many variables - tells me what I wanted to know. Might even lead to procuring further material with a view to a series of experiments. :-)
Any horn other than the mpa magic?
Nope, not for me. Beautiful cerebral euphoria, no obvious increase in libido.
WELL DOESN'T THIS SOUND RATHER EXCITING?! Cheers for the report magic, encouraging.
really good TR magick, thanks.
Hmm, wonder why I've been stickied... not my doing! Users are encouraged to read the full range of TRs on here and not to take this one as more "important" than any other.

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