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Methylmorphenate - methyl 2-morpholin-3-yl-2-phenylacetate
Hello fellow researchers. 

I have begun my research into methyl 2-morpholin-3-yl-2-phenylacetate, also known as Methylmorphenate. 

I have been scouring the Internet all over for any type of information regarding this compound, but have found no other sources or information indicating anything other than "methylmorphenate is approximately one tenth the potency of methylphenidate". 

I decided I would be the first to create some data toward this compound and aid others with finding the same information I've been looking for. 

I received a gram last week, and have begun my research today, 12 hours ago.
I will be adding my further research to this thread as I experiment. Today's experiment was nothing remarkable really, however, I feel there should be some research added to the net. 

If anyone out there has any information to provide, or any experience with this compound, please feel free to add your data here. It would be most appreciated. 

Today's report:

148mg Methylmorphenate weighed out and crushed finely. Compound form is very fine crystals, extremely similar to the well known morpholine, 3-Fluorophenmetrazine. Slightly more "glass-like". 

0:00 - 25mg ingested intranasally. Slight burn noted, similar to that of Ethylphenidate, or 3-Fluorophenmetrazine. 

0:15 - No effect noted. 

0:30 - Slight change in thoughts, feel slightly more clear-headed, but nothing more than a decent cup of coffee would give. Blew nose, then swabbed with a cotton swab, and found crystal residue around the inside of the entrance of each nostril. Have never found residue left over from any other compound. Inhaled the estimated 5mg residue off the cotton swab. 

4:00 - Feel it is safe to dose the remaining quantity completely. 
123mg methylmorphenate ingested intranasally. 

4:30 - Slightly more clear-headed, thought process is slightly more productive, but not much more than the previous 25mg dose 4 1/2 hours prior. 

5:00 - Effects definitely at their peak at this time, although there is nothing to write home about at this total dosage. Maybe slightly more focus than my sober state, slightly more productivity, no bodily stimulation, and no negatives to speak of. 

6:00 - Effects begin to diminish fairly rapidly. No noted stimulation other than that of slightly increased mental productivity. 

8:00 - No longer feel any effects related to ingestion of methylmorphenate. No residual stimulation, could easily sleep if needed 2 hours after dosing. No appetite loss, no increased appreciation for music or reading, no general stimulant side effects. Feels pretty benign. 

It has been twelve hours since I first dosed and I have to say, it didn't feel like much at all, I wouldn't be able to differentiate it from a sober state had someone provided me the compound candidly. 

Slight mental productivity is the only effect I had noticed at this total dosage of 148mg.

Definitely agree with the information I found online regarding this compound, there is no doubt in my mind that methylmorphenate is one-tenth the potency of methylphenidate. 

With my second dose of 123mg, there was also some crystal residue left over within my nostrils, noted about 15 minutes after ingestion. I've never had any residue left behind from this route of administration with any other compound, and I have had vast experience with this ROA. 

All in all, pretty useless chemical, in my own opinion. I would really love to hear any information you guys may be able to provide on this fairly unheard of compound.
1/10th the potency of methylphenidate does not sound very promising. Were there any effects notable from the compound that an equivalent dose of methylphenidate wouldn't have caused?

For me, methylphenidate in 80mg doses seems to make me extremely jittery, I lose focus from the amount of mental stimulation going on, and it lasts anywhere up to 8 hours. The euphoria can be quite strong for the first hour or so.

Methylmorphenate doesn't really compare to methylphenidate very much. At least not in the 148mg dose I had taken earlier. It may have felt like 10mg methylphenidate, excluding any physical stimulation, and the mental stimulation is more of an added motivation, rather than a strong boost in thought process.

I'm not quite sure how to compare these two.

When people say one-tenth the potency of methylphenidate, I'd say that is exactly how it feels. With less stimulation too.

There might have been a very slight amount of euphoria, but nothing more than say, 25mg of methylphenidate would give. It's not extremely noticeable, and I'd imagine you would have to experiment with dosages of 200mg or more in order to feel some real positive effects. Now, for the purpose of harm reduction, I do not suggest anyone do this. Always start low, and give yourself time before adding more to your dosage. Keep it safe, fellow researchers.

Further experimentation completed.

389mg methylmorphenate scaled and crushed.

0:00 - 80mg intranasally.

0:30 - Slightly more clear headed than sober state.

1:30 - Deciding whether I should redose sooner than the last experiment in order to build up the effects.

1:45 - Blew nose, cotton swabbed, rinsed with saline, swabbed, then blew. 100mg intranasally. Burn was stronger than previous dosages, already feel some damage done to my nostrils. Some of the compound flew to the back of my throat, which resulted in a nasty taste, with a slight burn.

2:30 - Very slight euphoria, clear headed motivation, no physical stimulation noted.

3:15 - Blew nose, rinsed with saline, blew nose again. 100mg intranasally.

4:00 - Not much more noted, maybe slightly more 'euphoria'... More of a well-being type of feeling. Mental motivation. Wrote in my journal. Memories of a sleep paralysis from last night came to mind, I speculate that methylmorphenate may increase memory recall very slightly.

5:00 - Do not particularly wish to finish off the amount of methylmorphenate I have laid out (109mg), as I can feel this ROA is doing a decent amount of damage to my sinuses. More so than 3-FPM, or Ethylphenidate.

5:15 - Rinse with saline, blow, cotton swab. Reluctantly dose another 50mg. Burn is quite strong now. Taste is pretty bad, worse than methylphenidate, ethylphenidate, isopropylphenidate, propylphenidate, but not as bad as the taste of 4-methylmethylphenidate. This was my least favourite in regards to taste.
The taste of methylmorphenate does have a slight phenidate flavour.

5:30 - Decide I should ram the remaining amount up there sooner than later, as effects are quite subtle. At this point, I can tell that I have taken something. I feel slight physical tingles, similar to that of 4-methylmethylphenidate, along with a fair amount of mental motivation and productivity. I would compare this motivation to an approximate 50mg 3-FPM, orally.
Intranasally ingest the remaining powder and wipe mirror clean with finger, licking up the residual powder.
At a total dose of 389mg methylmorphenate now.

6:30 - Effects are at their peak. Motivation similar to 50mg 3-fluorophenmetrazine orally. Physical stimulation similar to 20mg 4-methylmethylphenidate.
I compare methylmorphenate to these compounds because it definitely does feel like a mix of the two effects.
It does not feel particularly like a phenidate, this is because the mental effects are very smooth, and subtle.
It does not feel particularly like a morpholine, as the physical effects are similar to low doses of phenidates.

7:00 - Motivation and mental stimulation are definitely noted, this compound doesn't seem as benign as it did with my previous 148mg experiment, posted above.
Feels extremely smooth, no jitters, no heart rate increase, maybe a slight increase in blood pressure. At this point in time, I did receive a small... Rushing effect? Which lasted approximately 5 minutes. Felt like a slightly loopy dizzy spell. It came with a euphoric wave, but was extremely short lived. I'm not sure what that was to be honest, I have not experienced it with other morpholine or phenidate compounds. I have remained hydrated and nourished throughout the experiment.
There is a great feeling of well-being. As if I feel that everything is just a-okay.

8:00 - Effects begin to diminish, at a slower pace than my previous 148mg experience. Feel motivation slowly lowering, feeling of well-being starting to fade. Resting heart rate remains the same as the beginning of the research session.
The feeling of well-being is the euphoria experienced with this compound, there's no specific "feel good" effects, just a complicity, enjoyable, well-rested feeling. I would get the same feeling after a two hour nap.

9:30 - Effects almost completely gone. I feel like redosing at this point in time would only be a waste of compound. Euphoria (well-being) has almost completely left me by this time. Extremely slight mental motivation still noted, more so than a sober state.

10:00 - All effects have left me. No residual stimulation, no more body tingles, no euphoria. Heart rate remains average. No negative effects noted, other than a possible slight increase in blood pressure, but this may be attributed to a chicken, bean and rice lunch.

All in all, I'm glad I experimented with methylmorphenate, even though it was very subtle. I do have more, although I feel I won't be experimenting with it for a few days, at least.
I enjoy researching many compounds, and I love adding my information regarding them to the Web. It makes me feel as though I am aiding others with their research, and providing some information in regards to safely ingesting these novel compounds. It is research, after all.

I would say the total duration of a single dose, intranasally, would be approximately 4 hours, in my experience.

All experiments were done intranasally.

30 mins - 60 mins for a full come up.
Effects peak and plateau for an approximate 1 1/2 - 2 hours.
Comedown is approximately 1 hour.
No residual stimulation noted, nothing that would stop one from sleeping.

Be wary, this is only my own experience, and your research may vary from mine.

I also forgot to mention, I had done an allergy test of 2mg orally, followed by 2mg intranasally, one week ago.

The only extremely unique effect I received was the small 'rushing' feeling I received, which could not have lasted any longer than five minutes. Felt similar to an extremely high dose of 3-fluorophenmetrazine (250mg orally). Kind of a fogging of the mind, followed by some slight nystagmus, and a slight 'soft glow' to my surroundings, visually.

This compound, methylmorphenate, may have its own unique beneficial benefits to provide, if you ingest orally. However, I have not yet experimented with oral dosing.

I could see it being used as a study aid, or a motivation booster at dosages of 200mg or so. Productivity without stimulation, for those who may need such a profile.

This is becoming quite extensive, and so I will leave you with that. I appreciate everyone taking the time to fill their knowledge banks with my research and information. I would love to hear any further information you guys may be able to provide.

As always, research safely, and with plenty of respect for both your mentality, and your body.
Always allergy test, always weigh your doses, and always titrate from smaller doses before hopping onto larger ones. I must admit, I felt slightly careless, although quite confident with starting my research on this compound with 148mg. I did take my time between doses, however, I probably should have weighed out less for a first experiment.

Until next time, stay safe, researchers.
It's too hot for words, so I'm just going to leave this here:

[Image: aurMjMd.png]
Doubt it will take off anywhere if 400mg doses are needed. Mind you people consume similar doses of Caffeine, which is as jittery and dirty as they come at those sort of doses and no doubt its probably more pleasant than it. Found MPH less jittery and with a longer euphoric and shorter residual duration than EPH which wasn't my cup of Tea but was for a long time the king of RC Stims in the UK. MPA felt better to me maybe less initially Euphoric but much shorter residual Jitteryness which i detested and usually ended with a benzo or two. Portugal is my preferred place to live when the lottery comes up or that obscure 2nd Cousin i don't know bequeaths me their vast legacy. Portugal is now a more forward thinking and enlightened country compared to the UK. That would of been hard to believe when the place was run by a dictator. Spain too is either on the way to or has completed the same decriminalisation of possession.
200mg orally brought a decent amount of focus and motivation, but very minimal amounts of euphoria.

I would say 200mg would be the optimal dosage for this compound.

Methylmorphenate really just isn't that potent.

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