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Methoxphenidine first time
I was at an unexpected loose end yesterday, so tried the sample of MXP I recently received (thanks to @Mr-Blott at mrb-supply).  This TR is typed up mostly verbatim from my voice notes, it is rather rambly but I've left it like that to try to illustrate how the trip felt.  The word of the night was definitely 'strange', closely followed by 'floaty' blink  This was my first time with anything dissociative (unless you count the occasional balloon of nitrous.)

19.28 dump and 27mg plugged.  Sat on the bog reading random web stuff.
20.05 another dump (thanks Renton for the tip) and 53mg plugged (80mg in total) Not feeling anything yet. Lay down on the bed and relax.
20.14 last 15 mins went quickly, still not feeling much if anything.  Slight urge for a crap but will hold it.
Feeling quite chilled, a bit sedated, almost as if I'd taken an etiolam. No - relaxed is the word.  Listening to an episode of Sounds of Tomorrow - Spacemen 3 is on atm and suits my mood nicely.
20.32 idly reading various stuff on the web, UKCR, facebook, b3ta etc.  Strange stuff on b3ta as always, was greatly tickled by the cake robot *hypnotised* Feeling very relaxed, a bit dreamlike, a little bit 'drifty'.  Just very relaxed and chilled, meditative almost (not that I meditate but this is how I imagine it to feel like.)  Quite subtle so far.
20.48 Possibly starting to feel a bit wozzy now, a bit 'fucked up', interesting track on the podcast atm (Air - Sonic Armada, quite surprised as I'm not a fan of them.)  Feeling a bit spacey.  Still quite subtle. It is enjoyable. Nice and relaxing. Can't say I'm going a bundle on it but it's a nice change.  I'll see how it develops - it's still quite early.
21.06 Podcast finished with an Ozric Tentacles track so quite a psychedelic theme going on.  Still feeling very relaxed, a bit floaty.  Don't feel like getting up off the bed - don't knoe how steady I'll be on my feet so won't do that just yet.  Suspect I'll end up falling asleep here eventually. Strange...interesting stuff...not something I'd feel the urge to do a lot/often, would be interesting to see how a bigger dose would go but I'm not going to do that now. Also interested in how it might combine with other things, but again, not now. Feeling a bit 'other-worldly' now, floaty...floaty feeling. Strange..strange how that word keeps coming to mind. Strange. Fancy putting some more music on.
21.16 Put a dubstep mix on (proper chilled 'reggae' dubstep, not Skrillex :P ) Very chilled, floaty, disconnected. Took a sniff of poppers and it went with it very well.  Enjoying this experience, very chilled, really relaxing. Not my normal thing but does remind me of certain points well into an APB trip where you can get quite detached. Interesting.  I like this. Not going to top this up, and I don't feel the need to get up off the bed either.  Nice.
Perhaps I should mention I'm feeling a bit cold, a bit shivery. Tried closing my eyes a few times to check for CEVs, can't say that there are any other than the normal very subtle type of visuals I'd get while drifting off to sleep. Nothing visual happening really, certainly not OEVs. Just this floaty disconnected spacey feeling.
21.29 The music is very downtempo, slow, chilled spacey dubstep and matching exactly how I'm feeling - very spacey and disconnected. I like this - this is what escapism is... just feel like closing my eyes and drifting off maybe.  So relaxing and chilled.
21.35 Buzzing quite nicely.  Don't normally get the chance to be this relaxed.
21.56 Music's finished. Sat reading the web on my phone.  Feels like the experience has peaked. It's strange and very subtle. Might try to go and get some food. Could probably go to sleep on this.
22.03 Out of bed and making a snack, it's quite a drunken/stoned feeling now I'm on my feet, wozzy wobbly head. The thought crossed my mind of having some alcohol but dismissed it as not being the best idea. It's like a 2-3 beers feeling but less euphoric. Strange. (damn I keep using that word) It's not unpleasant. Very very relaxing and chilled.  I can't imagine myself using this a lot, but I like it.
22.18 A nice feeling.  This is a very escapist drug. I don't feel bad, but I don't feel euphoric, just floaty.  Very strange.
22.21 My sense of time is a bit messed up, I can't remember exactly when I took this dose. Thinking 7.30 or 8, I don't know. Possibly 8, that would mean I'm 2.5 hours in. I can't properly remember.  I can't decide whether I should be worried about that. Certainly don't feel the urge to take any more, not MXP anyway. Might possibly have a smoke.
23.02 Going to turn in now.  Had a quick smoke 20 mins ago and it multiplied the weirdness somewhat. Strange. This floaty, disconnected feeling - it's almost 'lonely'. It's not a euphoric thing at all. I think I've had enough of it, it's not unpleasant but it's stopped being fun (if it ever was??) So I'm going to sleep it off.

Woke at 6.30 the next morning but couldn't get myself out of bed (this is normal for me Rolleyes) Still felt extremely relaxed.  Lay there dozing and eventually dragged myself out of bed at 9.30.  Made breakfast and amazingly didn't feel like needing a bucket of coffee, so had a cup of decaff instead.

Looking back I'd like to do this again but am in no rush to, was certainly different. I bailed out after 3.5 hours and I think I'd have got bored or fell asleep anyway if I'd stuck it out.   I don't think I'd want to go much higher than this dose, but I think I'd have been disappointed by anything much lower so I'm glad I went in where I did. I wonder what it would be like in a more stimulating environment like a party or (shudder) a club - I expect the WTF factor to be much greater Crazy and I suspect I wouldn't be able to stick it out for very long.   I couldn't imagine using this becoming a habit for me, but given other people's experiences with this and similar drugs, I'll be careful nonetheless.

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