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Methoxphenidine & Diphenidine - newbie questions
(24-12-2016, 11:37 PM)niamh Wrote: Dissociative doses vary a lot depending on the individual with tolerance often being a big factor in people using higher doses.

There's a long thread on diphenidine here. And a similarly long thread on methoxphendine.

With both, people mostly take them orally. They don't absorb very well when snorted.

Neither of them are very 'fun' in my experience, nor particularly euphoric. Dissos are all a bit weird to start with as drugs go and diphendine and it's 2-methoxy analogue are weird even for dissos. (The related drug, ephenidine, is a lot more approachable and more obviously enjoyable). If you go into them thinking it's going to be like MXE you're very likely to be disappointed.

Thank you, will have a look a them !

3 hours before i took about 50mg dissolved in water and a bit cola, strirred.
Feeling is right now is calmness and im doing some cleanup of old stuff, and surfing the internet and listening to music besides. But no big rush or euphoria, just content.
Thats okay right now, registering some typos tho.

Well, they were like crystal shiny like flakes and declared as MXE.
Okay, may be it took more than minutes but if i remember correctly it kicked
in full after 20 min or so after snorting, very short period.

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