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Methiopropamine trip report (threshold doses)
So it's been about 20 years since I last used stimulants (other than copious volumes of tea) and curiosity got the better of me. There are a few things I intend to try, but for today it's methiopropamine.

Sample is in the form of small crystals; I'm not a fan of sticking anything up my nose, up my arse or through my skin, so the likely RoA is oral or vaporised. I decide to try vaporising it first, but conclude that foil is a bad idea, as is ruining an expensive electric vaporiser, so a teaspoon and a Coke bottle it is.

Allergy test

Bag weight noted as 633mg on starting. 3mg weighed on teaspoon, heated to melt point and then to smoke point, a small sniff of the vapour has at first the "plastic" smell described by others. This does not consume the 3mg on the spoon, which is reheated and a couple of hits taken, this time via the cut-off Coke bottle. 1-2mg consumed, the remainder on the spoon becomes darker in colour and worse in smell, so the residue is wiped from the spoon and disposed. I am now content that the physical properties of the chem match numerous other reports. No immediate effect; a slight and short-lived increase in mental alertness is felt after about five minutes, lasting perhaps ten minutes. Could be placebo, didn't assert itself forcefully.

On returning to the room after making tea, there's a what-the-fuck-have-you-been-burning-in-here smell, akin to burnt hair, and I open a window to ventilate the room. I decide that vaporising is not the way to go; if 3mg stinks the room out then I don't want to vape 20-30mg. I wait an hour or so, there is a slight comedown but again it's within the territory of "could be placebo". So, I guess the RoA will have to be oral.

Trip report (N.B. threshold dosage)

10mg was weighed out and transferred into a shot glass, to which a spoonful of whisky (~10ml) was added. Crystals dissolved fine (verified by inspection with bright light) and a half a spoon of water was added, simply because I prefer the whisky that way. Consumed at 5pm; any flavour is masked by the whisky, although there is a caustic aftertaste that wouldn't be normal with the whisky alone. A glass of water is taken, which seems to help.

No effects are noted within the first ten minutes. At T+10 some physical sensations are felt, but more in keeping with anxiety than with stimulation. Doesn't progress far, though. Hands feel a bit cold, heart rate seems normal.

T+20 and not very much has changed. Feel physically slightly odd, not sure quite how to describe it. Hands still cold. Took a pee, easier to go than usual but notable shrinkage. Definite vasoconstriction even at this dose, no real stimulation either physical or mental.

T+30 Made a cup of tea, slowly warming up again. Feel like things are coming back to normal.

T+35 Physically feel better, warmed up, definite sense that the experience is lessening. Mentally I feel functional but tired. Hope that doesn't get worse, not keen to redose.

T+40 I think I'm back to baseline, or close.

Verdict: I don't think I like it. The oral dose at a threshold level of 10mg produced vasoconstriction and a physical sensation that, whilst mild, was not unduly pleasant, without any great beneficial effect mentally or physically. Vaporising it produced something akin to stimulation, but with a foul smell I don't want to inhale. 

Based on the above testing, I believe I could take 25mg or so without it doing me any lasting harm, and I might try it at some point, probably when I can gelcap it. That said I am not sure why I would; even it if works as a functional stim at a higher dosage, I'm not sure I like the physical effects and it's so short lived that I'd have to be willing to take multiple doses if I were going to use it for anything useful. For today I think that's it.
Thanks for the report magick.
After oral dose of 50mg the effects were persistent for around 4 hours and trailed on for another few. Didn't feel any vasoconstriction, usually bothers me, may have been minor and unnoticeable. Strange euphoria, but very likeable and much better than expected. Seems like it can be made functional but the feeling is still present.
I would suggest trying a single dose via a single route. All the best.
(27-11-2014, 12:09 AM)Cfsdprescriber Wrote: After oral dose of 50mg the effects were persistent for around 4 hours and trailed on for another few. 

Thanks for the response, interesting that you should mention that. Whilst I could not discern any residual effect after an hour and went out for the evening, at about 9pm (T+4h) I was playing an Xbox Kinect game (with a friend's kid, I'm no gamer). Simulated boxing, good fun and I was slightly more into the game than I usually would be. After about 3-5 minutes of exertion, my heart was beating much faster than I would expect for the limited amount of exercise, to the extent of having to stop. As soon as I stopped, it calmed down, and there was no panic and no tachycardia that was not related to exercise, but I think there must have been some residual effect, sub-clinical until I exercised, even after 4h.

Nothing terrible happened, and I probably will try a single oral dose in the near future, but given the apparent physical effects I think I'd better make haste slowly.
I always found 30mg to be pretty good for my tastes and found that the major physical effect was just increased sweating and a bit of jaw tension. 25mg seems like a good level to re-try at.
As a follow-up, 25mg was bombed in a cigarette paper, looking for a bit of motivation to get things done. Some enhancement of mental clarity noted at T+10m onwards, no material increase in heart rate, very slight signs of vasoconstriction (cold extremities, stim dick) but no more pronounced, in fact less so, than on my first test.

Results at this dose were indifferent; I managed to do the minimum of housework that I would have done anyway, but was not unusually motivated, stimulated or inspired. Perhaps I was subtly more alert than I might otherwise have been, not strongly aware of the drug either way.

Some comedown is noted at just over T+1h, not debilitating, but at T+1h20m I feel slightly below baseline energy levels and could cheerfully lie down (not forced to, by any means). This had largely passed by T+1h45m and by T+2h I was back to baseline. There is some temptation to re-dose because the effects were underwhelming, but no compulsion to do so.

This seems largely in keeping with the experiences of other researchers; I will probably (on a different day) try a 40mg oral dose and see where that goes, can see a 50mg dose being reasonable but I'll get there in stages.
Sometimes I have noted seeming effects from a drug on the first trial which haven't appeared in later higher doses so might be placebo type effects. As ever actual BP/HR readings would be useful since these are useful corroborating indicators for vaso
It does seem an exceeding low dose (10mg) to experience it, I have noted nothing at 50-60mg but we are all different and you are right be cautious; it's extremely common with cocaine, amphetamine and probably most if not all major stims and of course could potentially be dangerous if symptoms were extreme or in a particular individual. I have also probably noted it in some PEAs for example unless there was some anxiety or hallucinatory aspect to the subjective feeling.
I have found MPA actually a reasonably useful motivator. You feel good but not not very euphoric and it's fairly brief in major effects with the big bonus there isn't the depleted crash that some more euphoric stims might leave one with. I think haven't tried outside of 50-60mg and don't think the higer end offers a better mix of positives/negatives. I suspect for me I could go lower than 50 but not much for it to be useful or nice. But well done on working up slowly and sensibly.
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"
Further experiment, this time with 40mg bombed. Consumed at 14:25, with a mug of warm tea.

T+5m An anticipatory burst of motivation kicks in, too early to be anything but placebo. I get dressed, tidying things up as I go.

T+10m No major physical effects; hands slightly cold perhaps. Brief anxious feeling, non-specific, short-lived. I've put some washing on, but I still don't feel motivated enough for any serious housework.

T+15m Slight ache in my upper back is noted, which I haven't had for a couple of days. Unlikely to be caused by the MPA, but I suspect that there was some residual relief from 4mg flubromazepam taken 2 days before, and that the MPA has abruptly cut this short. Pure guess work, and should be taken as such. The problem is trivial, anyway.

T+20m I go to make tea and feel sprightly and light on my feet as compared with earlier. Mental and physical stimulation is not huge (and I'm still not enthusiastic about housework) but it's definitely there. Again, this may be related to an undoing of the after-effects of the flubromazepam.

T+25m My alertness and coordination are good, and I am typing faster than usual without obvious increases in mistakes. It seems like a very functional stim at a 40mg dose, quite pleasant but I'm not getting recreational levels of effect from it. No major side effects, a bit of stim dick but no great increase in heart rate or physical discomfort. 

T+30m There is an "eyes open" cerebral come up, feel quite alive. I rather like it, still quite subtle at this dose, but I start to see useful stimulant effects at 40mg and would be quite happy to try 50mg. Can see me buying more of this.

T+35m I decide to place a grocery order that's been on my to do list for a while. 

T+40m I made the inadvisable error of consuming a small amount of a popular Class B drug whilst doing the grocery order. This was rapidly observed to be a poor decision, as it completely buggered up the pleasant stimulation from methiopropamine. (Disclaimer: I know I'm skating on thin ice with the forum rules here, but the interaction was unwelcome and quickly observed to be undesirable. I feel it should be mentioned. No "harmful" interaction was observed other than a feeling of general stupidity.)

T+45m Trip report ends, as no further sensible observations can be made in light of the above.

The conclusion is that a 40mg oral dose is tolerated and quite welcome, and that a 50mg dose is a reasonable thing to try, but that combining it with narcotics defeats the purpose and leaves the user feeling rather stupid. Further experiments will be conducted in absence of such complications.

Some further follow-up: since the last post I have tried 50mg doses on three separate occasions, with variable results. No detailed trip reports for these, just general observations.

On the first attempt, 50mg was bombed one afternoon, and more or less bugger all happened. There was slight alertness, but no increase in motivation or activity. This result was felt to be an anomaly, and it was decided to retry again rather than up the dose.

On the second attempt, some days later, 50mg was bombed mid evening, about 8pm, when I was lacking the energy to get ready and go out. Results were super-productive; some housework was done in 15 minutes, I took an enjoyable shower in far less time than usual, put some laundry on, got ready and left, all in the space of an hour or so. My mood was improved, not directly by the drug but by finding the impetus to do something, and I had a very pleasant evening. Comedown was subtle, and I stayed out for another couple of hours after it wore off. Sleeping wasn't a problem when I got around to it, though that was naturally some hours later. Sure, not massively recreational, but this was the experience that convinces me more of this is to be purchased.

Latest attempt, 50mg bombed mid-morning. No concurrent administration of other drugs but an 8mg dose of flubromazepam had been taken some 60+ hours before. There was a definite increase in mental alertness, and I did get one or two tasks started, but I felt unusually clumsy (more so than in the preceding 48 hours), as though I had the mind of MPA and the body of flubromazepam. This was not at all unpleasant, but mental alertness is as far as I got, and there is a strong temptation to redose at around T+2h, not a come-down compulsion but because it just hasn't gone far enough. I begin to think that MPA is great in isolation but easily knocked down by any sort of downers, even residual benzos. It all feels nice, though, just not as "stimulating" as I wanted.

And... another update. The last 50mg attempt described above was unsatisfactory and I dosed another 50mg oral at T+3h, about 2pm. This perked me up a bit, did no harm to my mood and caused no obvious adverse effects from 100mg total over three hours. Am unsure about the extent of any residual stim from here; I was out late for unrelated reasons and it seemed to wear off gently and without any obvious comedown in the evening. At about T+12h from the second dose, at 2am or so, I noticed some lower back pain around my coccyx, fairly mild but didn't respond to stretching or massage. Lasted a few hours, went away with sleep and without analgesia. Probably unrelated, and not in the same part of my back as the aches I had before. Believed unrelated, noted in case it recurs.

The verdict on 2 x 50mg is that it was tolerated well, I was not bothered by residual stim, although I did notice a steep decline in energy (below baseline) at 4am. It had been a tiring and challenging evening with a wide range of emotions experienced; my fundamental mood was benign, but there were (reasoned, moderate) moments of anger and of sadness. I suspect that this took it out of me more than any comedown, but I did feel unusually exhausted. The second dose maintained the effect of the first, rather than improving on it, so I intend not to make a habit of redosing. Overall, the experience was good, but not stellar. Would be happier to try a slightly higher dose at one sitting, though, to 60 or 70mg

That was Tuesday. On Wednesday, after about 5 hours' sleep, I had a rather decadent afternoon of music, chat, beer and general self-indulgence and I'd consumed 4 beers / 2 litres / 9 units by 7pm. At which point I stopped and switched to tea, because a fifth beer would have flattened me and I was to be going out later. Didn't feel spectacularly drunk, but I did feel tired and like I could cheerfully lie down and fall asleep. Yet I wanted to honour my plans for the evening, and I was keen to try MPA in combination with alcohol. 

So, a 55mg bomb was prepared (was aiming for 60mg but weighed twice and ended up with 55mg on the rizla) and consumed with tea at 8pm. This worked a treat; the come-up was subtle, but there within half an hour and I happily went out at about 8.45pm, not tired and in a very agreeable mood, only mildly aware of the alcohol consumed. Travel was uneventful and I arrived at my friend's in a functional and social state at around 9pm. Enjoyed the evening and cared less than usual about getting home early, forgoing the convenient buses and staying until 2am, deciding in the process to walk home (about 3.5 miles) rather than mess around with night buses. This is not unprecedented, but certainly unusual (I was at least dressed for the conditions, minus 4 outside) and my walk home was pleasant. I am surprised that I was happy to do so, after 4 beers and 6 hours after a dose of MPA, but I was, and an entirely practical decision it was too. So, I'm quite happy with that.

After an absence of obvious tiredness, and a desire to sit up and write about the experience, I start yawning and feel naturally sleepy at 04:45, ~9h after dosing. My sleep patterns are messed up anyway, but I am beginning to realise that whilst I may be manic enough to ignore it, there is residual stim going on for as much as 6-8 hours and I probably don't want to take this too late in the day.

This leads me to a couple of general observations. When I take MPA from a close to baseline state, expecting a boost, it seems to underwhelm me or do nothing. However, when I am tired to start with, MPA is extremely effective at restoring alertness and energy, and it has worked best when it was needed the most. It may also be that I'm more easily motivated into social situations than into housework, of course. The combination with alcohol was a good one, for today's purposes, and will probably be repeated, though in the wrong circumstances it might enable me to drink more than I should.

I also note that I seem to have used 3 doses in 2 days, and that it seems to tempt me more than the other RCs I have. Caution will be needed, or I could find myself using this on more days than not.
Not attempting to hijack your thread, thought this may be a good place for my thought

I've only used MPA on one occasion, 1g from a vendor I had been buying EPH from for well over a year
Always high quality product

I first insuffulated a decent amount about 100mg, felt nothing, 5 hours later (i had things to do) still felt nothing

decided to vape, large amount perhaps 200mg on foil over an hour, never felt any sort of high

Didn't redose, while I didn't feel any high, it kept me awake, for about 2 nights

Now I had like half a gram left, and for the next few weeks would take very small doses solely to stay awake
I felt sober, just didn't get drowsy

I've heard someone refer to mpa as a purely functional stim with no recreational value, so I thought my experience must have been the norm.

This all was about 2 years ago, since then I've heard various reports similar to those of this thread and similar on imageboards

I'm curious to perhaps try MPA again, if it may have some sort of stimulated high with it

What do you think of all this? Is it strange?? Do you all have pleasant highs or euphoria when experimenting with mpa?
It's difficult to give a straight answer, as terms such as functional, recreational, euphoric, high are all very subjective.

I wouldn't describe it as euphoric in the party drug sense, and my use of it is largely functional in intent, but I do get something of a rush / high after about 45 minutes. That's from a 50-60mg oral dose, haven't pushed it above 100.

For what it's worth, I certainly enjoy MPA more than I enjoy EPH, but I stand by my previous observation that it seems to work better when needed than when used for fun. It’s not a "fun" drug for its own sake, but an enabling stim with some subjectively pleasant qualities.
Yeah I am not sure about functional - recreational - euphorica as catagories with straight stims. Euphoria covers a wide range from feeling basically positive to in tears with joy. MPA is euphoric but in a fairly tame way. Functional recreation is slightly based on context; Take a classical archetypal stimulant like amphetamine what is it? It's definately euphoric and people take it for fun but a huge number take it as a functional thing - a motivator for hard work, night shift, deadlines etc. Arguably to much you might not function that well so that might be recreational (assuming you enjoy it). That's not to say there is no difference - MPA lends it self to giving you a few hours of driven work along with an associated modest feel good factor/satisfaction but may in the right context and dose it might aid social transactions and actitvities but I have never really used any stim much in that way; they are to get my lazy ass in gear and get going and (enjoy) doing some task I need to
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"

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