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Meclonazepam report, 15mg
And a brief follow-up report, also 15mg of meclonazepam.

Background: two full nights w/o sleep, very tired, had walked a couple of miles home. Sleep itself not a problem.

Intentions: increase sleep duration, reduce sleep onset latency, limit poor sleep hygiene and risk of  carrying on regardless.

15mg ingested ~0230; time course much as above. Came on slowly, no freight trains, but marched along. Some muscle relaxation and mild ataxia; before going to bed I was able to make and consume a hot drink without incident, and to "show-and-tell" regarding a particular type of incense (dhoop).

Bed at ~0400; definite awareness of impairment, clumsiness, ataxia; I knocked one or two things over (by trivial blundering about, nothing serious). Slept though from 0400 to 1800 - 14 hours - I've only managed that once before. This was very much the intended effect, and I'm rather pleased.

On waking, there is minimal obvious 'grogginess', but it is possible to discern a clear muscle-relaxant effect and some sort of sedation. For my purposes this is not impairing and not unwelcome, but it's clearly unsuited to work / heavy machinery / driving ambulances, so "impairment" is relative. I would characterise this as an after-glow loosely comparable with a similarly hefty dose of flubromazepam.

Writing this up at ~8.30pm, T+18h, I am content to make arrangements with a friend but on the proviso that I shall need to remain teetotal. Past experience of drinking alcohol a full 24h after meclonazepam had me on the floor rather quickly, so that will be avoided, but hopefully this provides a balanced picture of the received effects. I feel calm and pleasant, neither euphoric nor dysphoric but content to have achieved a respectable amount of sleep. The muscle relaxant effect persists and the absence of discernible muscular tension is a welcome relief (though it was a secondary aim). I continue to feel mildly sedated, but to a degree that is not dysfunctional and seems a fair trade for the noted benefits.

This is not one I use frequently or stocked up on, but returning to it months later I find similarly to before. At 15mg it makes for a pleasant, long-acting hypnotic with some lasting effect; not one to use often but valuable all the same.
I wish I had stocked up on meclonazepam pre-ban, it was very nice stuff. Nice and floaty, good anxiolytic effects, decent hypnotic too as magick says. Reasonable duration without being stupidly long lasting like flubromazepam. Sad it was so under-rated.
Who the fuck is Psychoactive Substances Bill and why is he taking all my drugs?

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