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When it comes to taking stuff, i " always " do oral, like with " MXP " i can feel something about 7 1/2 mins in, but 
i do chew the crystal.
But  over all, i no nothing about drugs, just read the post that people leave (trip reports etc) and take on my own,
hence the name " Loaner ", no friends  Sad 

This site > https://psychonautwiki.org/wiki/Psychoac...ance_index < i have found helpful.
Shame i tried " 3-FPM " (the first time) before i new of the site L  excited L

Cheers Loaner.

tralala edited 22-02-2016 02:23 AM this post because:

If you really know 'nothing about drugs' 'Loaner' (I thought you were a money-lender, not a person with no friends), then I highly recommend you thoroughly read the forum like your life depends on it (it might) and stop making threads that have little relevance. You are very welcome here, but please read a lot more before you post more (if English isn't your first language, then Google Translate may help)

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