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Short version: why listen to one song when you can manage three or four at once? Without disso assistance.

Yeah I know, with a head like mine who's surprised that I like mashups. At worst they're a clashing confusion of voices but done well they take the best (including underappreciated) hooks/vibes and create something new, powerful in it's own right. Not the right tune when you're in the mood for savouring a raisin or a simple steak, but perfect for when you're erratically meanderingly mashed.

But seriously I think this deserves a genre in itself. To start, thanks to renton's force feeding us a diet of Anamanaguchi and persuading us it was what we wanted all along, I found this track which somehow combines twee and violence to make a racket of guilty fun.

Trying to sell this so here's a more mainstream 2nd example, combining pop tunes to make another pop tune. Muchos crappos in this area, but gems can be found, and DJE a few years ago did a few of these to such an extent, I challenge anyone with a sliver of pop in their body not to sing along:

Tell them three times, that's what my marketing class said, so I need a third example. Both my current fave and the example classic were quite high tempo poppy/dancy things, which is what mashups often are (assuming that you discard the ones that simply stick some dubstep onto a pop/movie classic, but that's another avenue). But there are standout mashes for all tastes. I had to pick DJLobsterdust or Mashup Germany for this final example, MG in particular are great for mixing up the vibe, so let's go with one of their many classics (passing on the Obama ones, great at the time but haven't aged well...):

Have you made the effort to listen to your subconscious today? 'Your sake' breakz are as amazing as line times or pin mins.


Almost forgot this:

[Image: EP0cMqo.png?1]
This is by far my favourite mashup ever!

The Beatles 'The White Album' + Jay-Z's 'The Black Album'
= Dangermouse 'The Grey Album', mashup album extraordinaire...

This.....is real life

You may know Banana Kru as Basement Jaxx.
"The village used to be all one really needs; that's filled with hundreds and hundreds of chemicals, that mostly surround you..."
Hmm, the audio mashup has its faults (madonna and dubstep parts aren't integrated too well for me) but the video on this is pure aweall (awkward word, meant to convey better than awe some, and awefull works even worse):

Have you made the effort to listen to your subconscious today? 'Your sake' breakz are as amazing as line times or pin mins.


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