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Right i start this thread with the best of intentions, im currently suffering from an alcohol inebriation plus i cant really spell, i just fake the most of it.

Do any of you have any good mantra storys to share? alot here seem to have a better past situational memory than i> i know throughout my post pubesant life as long as ive known of the concept i have had various mantra for myself either in times of joy or times of hardship.

Despite having had pleanty in my life over time they sem very episodic in memory and in a manner a rationalisation and comforting of a certain worry or error in what t i felt was yself at thetime, i feel myself changes rapidly... whatevs.

But anyyyway my current main survivalist mantra seems to be 'tis what tis' basicly and etirly meaning 'it is what it is' it seems to be ne of my standing forethoughts atm, it would be tricky for me right now to nail its rationale and prevalence, but im askling if other members have storys they could share or experiences? This idea came from the shadow people chat, it chimed abit of a harmony Xx
Try everything twice Because who knows, you might have got it wrong the first time
When I regained consciousness after being attacked with the welding hammer and was slumped up against a fence with the attacker rummaging through my pockets to find anything of value to steal, I remember thinking to myself that I could easily just lay there and let them finish the job; then I started thinking about my family and friends and how it would affect them. Though it would be the easy option for me it would cause hardship for so many other people, so I decided to not give up and to fight back; and I'm still here today because of it.

It's not really a mantra but since then i always think to myself "how will this affect the others" and it's gotten me through quite a few tough times since then. Not sure if that was the kind of reply you were looking for but its all I could really think of.
Well that and "the hard truth is better than a soft lie"
They say pain is relative, it certainly feels like a relative of mine... One that I can't get rid of.
'It's only a bargain if you need it' (spoken very rhythmically and many many times over the years, as a reminder to a very special lady, younger than me, who died this year)
This.....is real life

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