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Making blends on a small scale
Just to chuck my 2 cents in seeing as I haven't commented in an age.

I haven't smoked synthetics in about a year now but used to be a heavy everyday addict and I always found that blends made with damiana worked better i.e you'd get more baked using less chemical, not sure why, the only thing I could ever think of was that it seemed to burn hotter. The taste is most definitely an acquired one though.

Oh and Amazon also has reagent grade acetone.

That's interesting about damiana. I have had someone telling me they get a greater hit from things if they include turmeric leaves in the mix. My brief research on the subject indicated that turmerin is often used as a carrier to get things across the BBB. I understand black pepper is also capable.

I have no idea if either of these work in a blend, just mentioning the anecdotal data here.
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AiwassT. believe me , i just logged in to ask about flavours and you 've already answered my questions. I really appreciate your help. Your replies have been eye opening...!
Greetings @ Heizenberg

I'll sound a note of caution about your proposed strength, even noting that you have tolerance and are seeking high potency. MAB-CHMINACA was one of the first ultra-potent synthetic noids (leading to some hospitalisations as people who thought they knew what strength they wanted discovered they were mistaken). I'm not directly acquainted with it, but from what I can see I'd expect it to be active at a range of 25 to 50 *micro*grams; that is to say you should get 20-40 'hits' per milligram.

Your 70mg, therefore, should be good for a couple of thousand hits/drags/tokes, or, roughly speaking, 100-200 joints. You're talking about an amount of substrate that's more suited to 10-20 joints, on the average. I can't put a good estimate on how you roll or the impact of your tolerance, but this is likely to be a SERIOUS mistake.

This would result in 3.5mg - 7mg of MAB-CHMINACA in the typical spliff. The fraction of that which you might ingest *from a single toke* could already be a significant (and dangerous) multiple of what you intended; 350 micrograms is a lot already. This needs sense-checking.

I'm not looking to scare you off the idea. However, we're a harm reduction forum first and foremost; I'll be happier to discuss flavourings and substrates once the matter of dosing is ironed out.
Magick i'm honored by your concern. 
 You're absolutely correct here , how can I be thinking flavouring, since the initial potency is hospital high.
  Out of 1gram of spice I make 35 - 40  cigarettes. Each one is 12cm high but the ratio tob./spic. is big. I put a little "line" of herb along the tobacco and I get a really strong "head-hit". It has always been like that. Maybe the ones produced around here , were always potent enough to give 40 cigs out of 1g. with a good head effect per cigarette, so you wont feel/need to put more spice next time (unfortunately I cannot tell how many "inhales" a cigarete gives). The only problem is, I've never tried something that lasts over 30-40 minutes max. ( you need to roll all the time )  
  I really had no idea that MAB-CHMINACA is so "extreme" in comparison with the 5F-AKB-48 in your recipe. As you describe, 0.001g=1mg=1000μg of MAB-CHMINACA is a big quantity for 3g of spice and supposing I cannot count below 0,001g (1mg)  how am I going to see correct μg dosages ? I suppose I'll have to increase my desirable result from 3g of spice to something that 0,001g of MAB-CHMINACA (my minimum) wont make potent as hell. I found it tricky  to "sepperate" 1mg of powder "by eye" .Even when seperating it to 4 parts with a razor , I wasn't sure that there's 250μg in each one. 
  Does the base (initial herb) has anything to do with how the chemical is absorbed by it? I mean, would it be the same thing (at potency scale) applying MAB_CHMINACA to musrhmallow leaf or applying it on Mugwort/Wormwood or Spearmint or ..etc (I repeat, at head affection per inhale ratio) 
  Many many thanks for all the warnings,concern and time. Its been more than educative. Can you give me an estimate on how many/much microgramms of MAB_CHMINACA I should use for bathing 3g of spice? (350μg was for that i am asking?)

Is there any difference between aceton 99.9% pure and 100% ? Pharaceutical goes till 99.9% , i've found some ebay nail polishing removers claiming to be 100%, but are they trustworthy ? Which one should i prefer?

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