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Magnolia extract
Just a quick question.
Bought some magnolia (apparent 90% honokiol )extract but thought I would check for any first hand experiences here before I try it.
General web research tends to result from either retailer customer reviews (of which I'm fairly sceptical of , due to shills) , and subjective effects from medical sites based on studies .
Apart from one vague review from BL , thought I may get a more helpful report of experience inc. neg side effects from here.

TIA for any responses.
Your not gonna find that info here.
In fact i doubt you will feel anything at all from magnolia extract.
love the world and it will love you back. chin
A brief look around indicates it may be interesting. Most reports mention Lift Mode and look somewhat shilly. Please report back with any findings though.
We're only truly alive when we're dancing.
Tried 200mg capsule as per manufacturer's rec , but natural tiredness was an issue , so still inconclusive on sedative and anxiolytic potency .
However .....experienced no side effects at this dose bearing in mind neg side effects have been reported.
Sleep however seemed to have an increase of weird or vivid dreams , akin to my experiences everytime after 5htp , or a late night cheese attack.
Sleep wasn't constant or endured the overall length of my experience with valerian at rec doses by manufacturer , and woke up a couple of times briefly , feeling unusually warm and sweaty.
Next day , felt no obvious cloudiness or drowsiness , but noticed a somewhat unexpected mild feeling of edginess and easily irritated , odd ime for a sedative however mild.
No pain relief experienced throughout either , my groin strain still felt as if nothing taken.

More trials to come , hopefully after good rest , and a few days of complete abstinence .
No prior experience with phenibut , to compare it's numerous subjective labelling as "phenibut lite" .

(18-02-2017, 01:44 PM)bigazznugz Wrote: Your not gonna find that info here.
In fact i doubt you will feel anything at all from magnolia extract.
Not expecting anything mindblowing from an otc herbal supplement , but think that it may be of interest due to subjective reports that it might be an effective , legal , safer alternative to benzos.
So I'm sure that if revealed to be the "kratom to opiates" where weaning off is concerned , then hope it may be of some help to some benzo dependents , however small that number may be.
So just enquired for any previous reports before becoming the proverbial lab rat myself.
It was never intended to be a "how can I get legally wrecked in the UK?" type of post.

Those days here are obviously gone , since 2016.

FWIW........if anyone here finds my research on this supplement underwhelming , boring or pointless because it's not the next new "legal loophole enabled clubbing high" , then just let me know.
I just find certain responses could be discouraging for potential new members in need of help.
Sorry for the rant folks , but joined this forum to potentially use my experiences as help for harm reduction , as opposed to just finding what can "get me high" .

Hi pills

Good for you for reporting back. So that cheese/dream thing is based in fact then? I thought people just said that to stop me eating cheese. I know there's some kind of mao interaction.
I think the spirit of careful inquiry is still alive here, but the cycle of primary>secondary>tertiary>meta experiences is effectively curtailed by the PSA and abiding by the law. You may find kanna interesting in the areas you mention.

Also, next time you're covered in valarian sweat don't be tempted to walk it off, there's a very good chance cats will try to have sex with you in the street.
We're only truly alive when we're dancing.

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