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Since you seem to have burned away your k-holing nerves, dissos can't do it for you.

5meodalt/malt experiences can be very holey.

And you'd still have a bladder. 

without which, you'd be sadder  apparently

have taken dalt daily for two weeks from fifty to one hundred build up of tolerance  no diminution of effect.  At all man. Tripping balls became normal to me.

Have had malt back to back twice, same if.not better second time.

Thing with Tryptamines (except amt) is, to me, even if it's only 50% you're still shitting rainbows
(31-10-2014, 12:10 AM)444499 Wrote: 5meodalt/malt

Is dalt good? Can't find malt anywhere
DALT is great yes, kind of a stimmy trip.

MALT is even better and comes from our beloved organic-synth.com a trusted supplier. The MALT seems pricey but a hit is 10mg.

I'm not recommending either the drugs or the suppliers, but you seem intent on chem use and I think you'd prefer life with a bladder.

Its just taking the piss, otherwise.

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