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MPA & MDAI Combo (First Timer to Either)
Never tried either substance. Ate breakfast 30 mins before, no drugs for 15 days.

Vendor: researchchemist

16:05 dosed 150mdai&50mpa via drink
+0:14 slight temp raise, hanging up washing so could be that but definitely feel something, placebo or the MPA already?
+0:27 mild stimulation remains, quite a nice headspace but nothing strong. slight anxiety, manageable.
+0:51 anxienty gone. mdai kicking in, definitely on the way up, nothing overpowering. will wait 30 mins before redosing.
+1:13 feeling great! mdai really noticeable as of +57 and this is lovely, reminds me a more sublte mdma roll.
+1.57 still feeling great, stable but no signs of let up. redose primed and ready, maybe 5 minutes delay to be sure.
+2.13 this is very strange for me. still feel fantastic, not overpowerd like it;s cousin just abosolutely perfect and still havent redosed. usually i will feel compelled. I will do so within next 20 minutes or so but its definately a choice that im not feeling 'forced' into by my own lack of will power.
+2.17 redosed same 150/50 as absolutely no negative effects. Music, sensational.


+3.13 second dose taking effect. noticable increase in effects. still v nice, tingly

Too be continued...
Good to see MDAI getting some love, I dare say this is the sort of experience people hoped for from Mexedrone. The MPA is of course key if you want some stimulation.

Have fun! Yahoo
Currently I would choose this over mexedrone all day long!
"Me and sleep are good friends but we haven't seen much of each other recently!"
I've had 8 days to look back on this combination now and I can say without question it's my favourite, blows anything else out the water for me. The high really was fantastic, whilst not "OMG OFF MY TITS" I would say it's probably a sweet spot dose for me (low tolerance) unless I was setting out to deliberately to get myself into a mess.

Two thumbs up.

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