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Thanks for being circumspect with regard to names. In general, no we can't didscuss the vendor. However, it sounds like there's some possible HR concerns with regard to the possibly impure product currently being sold? We'll consider cases like that on an individual basis.

I got mine from BRC, tried it and haven't touched it again since (just wasn't all that interesting), so the identities of the subsequent vendors have no relevance to me personally.

Please PM me if you want to discuss/provide further info about harms, etc.
This cannabinoid is really weak. If I smoke MMB-Chminaca I usually use around 1-5mg (not sure, I always eyeball). With this, I need 10-30mg but regardless of how much I use it will never give that same feeling of euphoria as MMB/AB-Chminaca. It's decent, but it's nothing special as written earlier on in this thread.
Ah fuck.

I had an overdose a few days ago, sadly ended up in the ER. Apparantly in my drunken state, i decided to take a big sip of a 4mg/ml solution. I'd guesstimate it to be around 80-100ml.
Thankfully my body rejected it after a couple of minutes, but too little too late. I remember lying in bed, listening to music i think. My lips were buzzing, i was tumbling around. Kinda like being too drunk, but with a lot of paranoia. I am serious when i tell you, i thought i was going to die. It was fucking horrible.

My mum (i love her to death) called the ambulance. She told me they were reluctant about bringing me in (not really sure what was going on there). I had hit my head HARD on the floor, and scaped my knees and foot, when i fell on a shelf. Serves me right, looking back at it.

Well, they bring me in. (Most of this is what my mum told me, i can't remember much). I weren't cooperating, pretty hard when you're feeling you're about to die. Without being too much of a dick, they're diagnosing me which had taken hours. Honestly feel bad about how i was told i treated the staff.

I got 2 CT scans of my brain while i was there, they looked normal who wold have thought? :P

The medications i got where Cefotaxim 4grams (Cefuroxime?), Penicillin 5 mio x 1 (Not sure what the dosage means) & Dexamethason 10mg.
I'm not sure if the medications did much, but i'm not complaining. Because i'm still alive and thank fuck for that.

The odd thing is, that the drug screen were inconclusive about Cannabis, but showed positive for Benzo's. I haven't had a benzo in months, not sure what happend there.

End of the story is, i'm over with drugs. This is the last time, i have never felt so close to my last breath. I've been somewhat depressed in the last couple of days, mood swings and all that. I'm trying not to be a dick about it, but the smallest things annoy me for some reason. I love my family, but i'd rather they just left me a bit more alone for some time. Not really feeling like socialising. I'm sure that will go away with time, but everyone needs space sometimes.

I can't even concentrate on watching a movie (worse than usually). It's like, i can watch for 15-20min and then i need a break. Were normally i'd be able to watch 30-40 minutes before needing a break (unless it's really interesting, like Westworld). Games i can play for literally 5 minutes, before i feel bored or agitated. Pretty much spend the last few days on reddit pressing F5.

My family dosent know the whole truth. And i think this is one of those times were, you just shut up and move on. It was a grim experience for my mum, don't need to make her more sad than i have to. Maybe someday in the future i'll tell her the whole story. But it has to be the right time for me, and for her. Maybe when things start going the way it should, then will be the right time. She probably already knows, parents know that stuff.

The old man hasn't said much. Can't complain though, i've been a horrible kid over the years. And he has his own set of health issues.

It's been a wild ride, but it's time to move on. I have a nephew and a niece, i'd like to be a somewhat responsible role model. But to do that, i need to sort my life out. The next big step is starting education again, and then look for an apartment.

By the way, sorry my writing is all over the place. Hope you guys have had a nice Christmas, i sure learned a lot.
Oink oink...
Good for you for sharing the experience MagicRaver. I'm of the opinion that this noid and it's cousin were almost unsaleably strong and that a single gram can be a lifetimes supply. It appeared to be literally impossible to overdilute it in an eliquid. Interesting with the benzo positive too, I think GABA activity has been noticed from noids previously, though whether that would give a +ve for benzos I wonder.

The response from your folks and your own reaction looks entirely healthy to me. It's true that we are most alive when we are closest to death, but it's not healthy to get too close too often. I'd use the energy (epiphany?) of this experience to re-evaluate my goals in exactly the way you've described. It's the best way to get something good out of it.

Glad you pulled through, glad you have good folks and well done with your conclusions.

Have a great 2017.
Winners climb mountains.
(11-07-2016, 04:38 PM)Dr.techno Wrote: Ok thanks! Well explained, now i get the complete picture. Cause this guy who sells it sended me all kinds of pictures (whitch i didnt want for obvious reasons) and told me where he got it from.  Good mine is empty, cause this matter really start to cause me a headache. My next one im picking up after my tollerance went down again will be fub-akb anyway..... seems like the better decision. And thanks again for clairifying.

Edit: about the potency... it was pretty good. Those germans who say its weak are all smoking that bad batch mdmb-chminaca whitch is insanly potent, i had it too. The problem is after three hits mdmb from that one vendor it doesnt work anymore because of the tollerance, no noid is able to be active after that nasty crap. I took exact three days off noids and tried mmb-chmica after and it was from great potency again. Theres a reason why i still can get statisfyed from almost every noid. Just for your heads up if people got problems whith its potency.

Hey buddy, I know this was ages ago but I was wondering if you could explain what you mean about the "bad batch of MDMB"? Or link me to somewhere that it was discussed?


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