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(09-06-2016, 10:51 AM)Toz Wrote: Is it still possible to get this anywhere? It's like the only worthwhile cannabinoid that's still legal in sweden and it's soon to be made illegal so I would like to get some before that.

You may mean MDMB-CHMICA rather than MMB-CHMICA.

MMB-CHMICA was only sold very briefly in the UK, just prior to the ban, via BRC who a were apparently involved in arranging a synth of it for a German vendor.

MDMB-CHMICA was available for a good couple of years and was released not long after AB-CHMINACA. It was originally sold under the incorrect name MMB-CHMINACA. A lot of sites would still have listed it under that name. Availability of it was reduced significantly following the Chinese RC ban and 5F-MDMB-PINACA was released as a substitute (although that one is a lot stronger and in my opinion nowhere near as nice).

Regarding sourcing, we're taking a cautious approach to what we allow following the blanket ban. Most EU based vendors will carry uk controlled drugs anyway and so have never been allowed in discussion here We can't point you towards vendors, unfortunately.
I did mean MMB-CHMICA. There is a Swedish shop that sells a blend consisting of it, but I hate premade blends. MDMB-CHMICA unfortunatly is illegal. I really liked that one, 10grams lasted 2+ years. I found the german vendor anyway, will see if I can get it shipped over here.

Now I will smoke some legal 5f-NPB-22 and cry because it's so bad lol.
Beware of german Vendors Selling MMB-CHMICA, it´s all fake! There is only one shop who bought the left stock from BRC, also their MDMB-CHMCZCA, and they mixed them together, selling it as "Twister Noid" -.-

Before you order from ANY German Vendor, contact me mate! You have my email adress. Don´t want you to get scamed..
Still my favourite of german vendors. This and the mmb+chmczca mix are the only good ones from trustworthy german vendors. Theres more but it all sucks even mdmb-chminaca suck ballz big time, everywhere too much tolerance built up or its too weak. This one aint strong, but at least it doesnt build up a tolerance insanly big like the wtc.
So apparently the MMB-CHMICA that BRC sent to the German incense shop was returned after being found to be impure. Just a heads up to anyone who bought any.

Yeah heard about that. But what i really dont get: when it was returned , why is it available? Makes no sense to me.
I don't know, makes little sense but explains it's strange odor and it seems weaker than I expected but I dont know if it is just that much weaker

(11-07-2016, 12:22 PM)SlowandFastandSlow Wrote: So apparently the MMB-CHMICA that BRC sent to the German incense shop was returned after being found to be impure. Just a heads up to anyone who bought any.

That's interestingly vague. Any idea of the details?

Also, how does that get missed? Did nobody bother with NMR or whatever?
Apparently it was sent to (german incense vendor, will edit in web address if it's allowed. nif?) and was found to be impure who then returned it and then it was sold on to (another vendor, can I name? nif?). This is only what I've heard on the grapevine but the site selling it now isn't the one that BRC originally shipped it to. I don't know how it was tested but as I said earlier the impurities could be the reason for the odd smell.

Ok thanks! Well explained, now i get the complete picture. Cause this guy who sells it sended me all kinds of pictures (whitch i didnt want for obvious reasons) and told me where he got it from.  Good mine is empty, cause this matter really start to cause me a headache. My next one im picking up after my tollerance went down again will be fub-akb anyway..... seems like the better decision. And thanks again for clairifying.

Edit: about the potency... it was pretty good. Those germans who say its weak are all smoking that bad batch mdmb-chminaca whitch is insanly potent, i had it too. The problem is after three hits mdmb from that one vendor it doesnt work anymore because of the tollerance, no noid is able to be active after that nasty crap. I took exact three days off noids and tried mmb-chmica after and it was from great potency again. Theres a reason why i still can get statisfyed from almost every noid. Just for your heads up if people got problems whith its potency.

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