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Hook. Line. Sinker. 

I'm shocked and surprised at the gullibility of alot of people on here with this whole mexedrone thing. 

The community over the past 5 years has been very good at detecting and smelling bullshit due to the amount of times we have witnessed and experienced this whole cycle. Yet this time the wool seems to slowly be getting pulled over tired eyes. 
Every time, we  go through the same thing, yet people NEVER learn.

1) Pre-release hype.

2) Samples. Are given out and a disappointment, vendors and shills make excuses. Then something very special happens, a phenomenon where the community actually starts making excuses as to why the sample may be shit. There is then a huge amount of hope built up that the actual product which they will pay for will be better. This blows my mind every time. 

3) Product is released, it is shit. Again vendors and shills make excuses. Members of the community think up an array of reasons why. There is in-depth speculation that the lab may have messed up the synth or production due to it being the first big run production. Hope is build and it is speculated that the second batch will be better once the lab has a little more experience and fixes the issues. Repeat this for batch 2, batch 3, batch 4...... in fact there is NO batches, it ALL comes from the same bag/drum. 

4) Denial/realization that the chemical is rubbish and its another failed attempt at something decent in the RC community. 

5) repeat the above 

I have read all of the mexedrone threads on here. it is identical in every way to all of the other chemicals that have been a huge let down, both on here and the original herbalhighs forum.

We have a character who appears on the forum for the discussion of mexedrone. Initially this character is all guns blazing, but then re evaluates his tone, and seems to melt into the crowd/community with a very plausible story *grin* of background. Various posts and threads are then made with a questionable motive keeping under the radar. 

Back in the day these types were hung out to dry publicly and left the forums pretty quick as the motives were nothing but a negative feed into harm reduction and general chem knowledge

Remember this is the internet people. Full of fantasists and delusional people.
This does feel much like that - no declared structure, no declared data, inconsistent results, a couple of cheerleaders, resistance to testing and sharing test data...

It stinks, frankly.
Totally agree Drum, I posted here why the moderators even allowed this discussion to be continued. We are being played by vendors and it's shocking to see no one except a couple of other intelligent members have adressed this .
To live outside the law, you must be honest - Bob Dylan    

A guy appears on the forum just as the discussion of mexedrone starts up, feeds a story about being a shop owner, has contacts, is exclusively testing it out with mates and raves about it being very like mephedrone. He is a little rude and doesn't  really fit in. 

When the community receives samples and they don't match this initial 'exclusive' report, taking a cynical outlook, this chap then plays the tone the community wants to hear. At this point he appears to melt into the background and population of the general community  and also states he has received another sample and it is indeed not too good. We are then fed information from 'in the loop' and from his 'contacts' that its down to initial production issues and spouts some other funny lines that people take as gospel. Of course the proper batch which people will be paying for will be 'top notch' on par with mephedrone. 

Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding
haha hat's off to you
To live outside the law, you must be honest - Bob Dylan    

Well said
I think people are so desperate that they want to believe it.
It's ok if you disagree with me. I can't force you to be right.
With the threat of being absolutely destroyed here

I recieved a batch innitialy it was amazing - I then said it was probably a different chemical

Because I recieved a second batch that was shit

I receive a third batch THAT WAS AVERAGE.

I don't know where u guys are getting this I'm hyping it up

Words like

Horrible sedation
Nothing like meph
Meph wanna be without getting close
6/10 the same as 3fpm which we all know is average.

Have some thought for me here I'm going through theese unknown chemicals dangering myself and writing my views

What more am I sposed to do guys tell me?

I don't know the chemical name
Ukrc doesn't know the chemical name
I gave my word I wouldn't send to wedinos. For reasons I understand.

I don't know where your getting this pushing it.

Yes during the experience I seemed very optimistic because I was trying to enjoy the experience the best I can

It is clear that after I said it was average.

Anyway don't know what in trying to prove here

Probably acceptance because I enjoy reading the posts here and contributing.

And I agree this whole situation is messy, it's kind of put me off RCs actually constantly being disappointed.
It all makes sense. Hope none of you are involving me in this trap though cantwatch

I'm interested in what the sample was now aswell lol.

I agree with one thing out of all of this

How stupid is it to injest an unknown chemical?

reckless, kind of my personality though.

I am a bodybuilder at the end of the day on fuck loads of steroids so I'm not the best person to really give out info in that sense or is be an absolute fucking hypocrite.
We've allowed the discussion because it relates to a product that is (allegedly) to be stocked by a majority of the major UK research chemical vendors, samples of which have been widely offered by a number of vendors and received by a number of our users.

Similarly, we permit discussion of branded chems simply because they are bought, sold and used. We also make it pretty clear that we deplore the lack of transparency and we encourage suppliers to behave more responsibly.

Concerning the existing reports (and the present discussion), I think it unlikely that we will suppress them altogether. The forum exists for discussion, and the reports are of the substance(s) being supplied by UK vendors as mexedrone. I am still seeking input from the rest of the team, but I think the best we can do is either to add modnotices to the early reports, along the lines of "treat with caution", or to sticky a warning thread to the effect that, in the absence of verifiable information on the precise compound that is being sold, "mexedrone" is no more than a brand name, of which the identity, legality, consistency and composition are unknown and apparently variable.

Whether or not WEDINOS comes up with the data is, as far as I am concerned, a secondary question. Multiple major vendors have received small samples of something apparently good, then received and distributed larger samples of something different, without having sought sufficient analysis to determine that the two compounds were similar. There is a problem of excessive trust in a supply chain apparently common to multiple vendors. I wouldn't expect individual small time vendors to commission their own testing but I would expect them to require a verifiable third party analysis for each and every batch from which they buy stock, or accept samples for distribution, partly to protect customers and not least to protect themselves against becoming inadvertently concerned in supplying a controlled drug, were they to receive one in error.

This is not about any one vendor, or any one alleged shill, or any one batch of dodgy, unidentifiable cathinones. This is about trust in major UK vendors, and in their supply chain, and in the amount of validation that is done. Of course, like so many other drug-related harms, one can argue that this is occasioned by prohibition, the rush to bring chemicals to market, the pressure to evade partial prohibitions and so forth, but that does not make it acceptable in any form. 

I would hope that vendors with integrity will decline to purchase or resell any "mexedrone" unless and until they are in a position to demonstrate to a reasonable standard of proof that the specific batch they are selling is in fact comprised of a specific, identifiable, novel cathinone compound that is, for the time being, lawful to buy, sell or possess in the United Kingdom. Until then, we should assume we are being fed horse shit. Perhaps this should be expected as we move towards a climate of prohibition...

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