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Most of it’s been the same and of reasonable quality as far as I can tell
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I got mine from researchchemistry and it was ok but very much fine beige powder rather than crystalline.
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FWIW, albeit of questionable value now, my first lot was from Research Chemist and was an off white, sparkly crystalline powder.  I have a suspicion it's going more off-white with age, but that's nothing more than an impression. That was very sparkly, even in the bag, and of good quality.

I also acquired some from Rapid Chems that arrived as a beige/tan powder; I haven't sampled it myself yet but have read positive reports. It's a darker shade than the first batch by some way, a finer powder and the sparkly quality is less apparent; it's there, if one looks closely, but it doesn't scintillate in the same manner as the crystalline form, which really did have a 'magic dust' quality to it aesthetically. Not yet tested, but believed to be all right.

Note (for any later readers and those who aren't the usual suspects around here): visual appearance means little. Also had some 2-AI that looks every but as pretty as the better batch of MDAI, but one would not wish to confuse the two. All that glisters is not gold, says the proverb, and all that sparkles is not MDAI. Generally, though, the 'light tan colour with a bit of sparkle' is descriptive of what was around the UK market over the last few months. As Xoch says, most of it's the same.
Hi all, I wanted to trip again and had the choice between an acid tab, LSA seeds (HBW), Bk-2-CB, MDAI and Nbomes..
As my last trip ended up to be really deep and introspective ( LSA +some shrooms, but mainly LSA ) I prepared myself for this kind of trip again, I feel I'm more prepared now and have things to resolve; waiting for good weather to trip outside in nature, as I most enjoy all kind of trips in nature, even if I feel sick and want to go home, I feel comfortable outside, alone for an introspective trip, with friends for something more outgoing.

It was really hot yesterday here in Belgium, and had work to do at home, the set&settings weren't at best, so I decided to have something smooth, relaxing and short, I took MDAI.

Dosage: 150 mg MDAI, 50 mg MPA (t+120).
First I must say I never had real psychedelic effects with MDAI , small tracers at times (with higher dosage ->250 mg), as always colors were enhanced; walking wasn't hard even if everything was in ''slow-motion'', better perception (I saw more details around me,...) 
I can't see how people compare it to MDMA, it's nothing like it (apart your pupils shock ), just increased empathy, mental clarity and a general feeling of peace, music sounded good, but nothing deeper, I was just happy to be there. No real body-high, or really subtle, but mentally I had the ''space head'', feeling light.
In fact it was like I was on a small dose acid come-up, without really coming to main effects.
I didn't had psychedelics or medication for a good time to have a definitive opinion about MDAI.

First signs of come-up after 45 min (had just eaten a banana).
Main effects for 4-5 hours, nice after-effect (well being) ''come-down really easy'' for 2 hours.

The question I asked myself was ''Why isn't that used as anti-depressant?! So much better than SSRI and direct acting!" even in slow doses I think it's a really potent mood-lifter (and that's all it is). I'm prone to anxiety, but while on MDAI I had the feeling all my tension/stress went away.

If there was a bit more energy, that missing ''rush'' and if it was more psychedelic it would be close to MDMA, but in this case 6-APB is even closer..but they all lack that magic feeling.

So,my definitive conclusion: Alone it's nice but it's all it is, a mood-lifter, just a bit trippy, not powerful. Taken while on acid or shrooms, it enhanced both psychedelic and emphatic aspects of the trips, always good combined, even while on 25-C-NBome it pushed to trip higher.
So I keep what I have left for the moment I plan to take a psychedelic to trip high, to get a ''punch''.

All good, let me know if you also find it good combined with a real psychedelic, thanks.
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