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MDAI MPA combo
6.20 140 mdai and 70 mpa bombed. Not eaten since lunch. Only 6 days since last experiment.

6.40. Just starting to comeup. Very gradual. Heart beating bit faster but nothing scary. Feel urge for a smoke. Feeling alert, awake, content. Never tried the chems separately but this feels like Im just on mpa right now. Very pleasant but nothing earth shattering.

6.50. Def feeling very nice. Play a couple of ipad games am quite co-ordinated but keep changing my mind as to which game to play. Realise Im grinning to myself.

7.20. Feel great. A very clean headed high. Went on IRC for a bit, Wouldnt call this stuff euphoric but am happy, cant stop smiling and feeling sociable and full of empathy. Have lovely chat with the Mrs. Heart rate still up a bit, body temp up a bit but nothing anywhere near worrying. Have another smoke and resist urge to look at nudie ladies on the internet. Pupils normal.

Put some nice tunes on. They sound good. Moving to the music and trying to rap along. I cant rap.

Someone asked how this compares to B2 from 2011. I never had B2 when it was good but I did have plenty of mepth when it was legal and came from BigLuv with a fun sized Twix in each order. This doesnt really compare at all (nothing does) its heading in the same direction but thats about all you can say. That doesnt mean I dont like this combo though. Still smiling.

8.00. Take another 100mg mdai and 50 mpa.

Feeling bit horny. Dont manage to resist looking at nudie ladies. Put some heavy D&B on. Wish I was young enough to go clubbing. The Mrs has got a bit obsessive looking for bargains on the internet.

9.00 Second dose has hit am Im feeling pretty much perfect. Bit of jaw clench and typing is getting a bit hard. Music sounding great. Am getting a bit sketchy. Hard to concentrate on things for too long. Want to do 10 things at once.

11.00 Spent last two hours chatting bollocks with the wife, listening to muisc, and playing on ipad. Heart def up a bit. Full of warm feelings to everything.

12.30. High starting to fade but plenty of residual stim left. Still happy chatting away but am def less active.

Wife gets to sleep somewhere around 3.30. I am awake till 6ish. I def will put less MPA in the mix next time...
I tried mdai a couple of times over Christmas.

1) about 80mg mdai by itself before cinema with girlfriend just as a tester. After about 30-40 minutes on my way I started feeling it, fairly gentle. Gf seemed not to notice. We watch Argo. During the film I feel warm and slightly mongy, and probably due to the film and setting feel a sense of anxiety for the duration (it's a pretty tense movie and there was a lot more empathy for the characters than there would usually be). After it (about 2.5-3 hours after dropping) effects have faded and we go home, no problem sleeping.

2) About 100mg, then about 30 minutes later 8g of thai kratom. After reading about this combination and enjoying kratom in isolation I decided to give it a go. I think it gave the kratom a bit more energy and intensity, but the anxiety of the first mdai trip wasn't there. It also lasted longer than usual. Difficult to truly say what else was particularly different due to the mdai.

3) Mpa 50mg and mdai about 140mg NYE. Before a couple of friends came over for a meal I dropped, feeling fairly confident I wouldn't be to monged (friends not into same thing, at least I didn't feel like explaining). A high volume of alcohol was consumed. I noticed some bruxism and anxiety, as well as generally more warmth, stimulation and empathy than would be usual for me. Sex was nice despite the booze. The next day my head was bad but that could have easily been the mixing of drinks.

All these experiments happened over the course of about ten days, I didn't notice any particular serotonin depletion except after the last one, which could have equally been due to lack of sleep. The flashes of anxiety I felt however bother me, as I have similar with other stimulants (apbs for example), where something just feels wrong for a moment of time. When I'm aware of it I can usually steer myself back to the happy place. Because of this (and it's probably obvious I'm no hardhead) I don't feel like trying again, though I'll say it was fun while it lasted.
I got some Mpa and Mdai from TKK, absolutely spot on as usual.
I made two bundles of 200mg Mdai/90mg Mpa each.
I dissolved the first bundle into water and drunk it.
I could feel it building after about 20 mins and the feeling gradually built up to reach the peak about 60mins, the feeling was quite similar to what i remember M1 being like on its own, it was very similar to some branded products that i have tried in the past but much cleaner, mild euphoria, empathy, mongy and a bit of horn.
At 2hrs I was still feeling good but i could feel that it was not going to get an more intense so i took a line from the second bundle( guess 80mg) and railed it, all good, 15 mins later i dissolved the rest of the bundle and drunk it.
The feeling was a little more intense for the next couple of hours but at no time did i get to my preferred state which is waking up with slevers running down my chin, finding it funny and not being bothered enough to wipe them cantwatch.
2hrs later It started to tail off but very gradually and in waves and this feeling continued for a further 4hrs when i took 1 etiz.
I lay down and tried to sleep , I was still quite happy but my pupils were huge and no way would i pass an inspection club
2hrs later no sleep so i took another etiz which took about 40mins to knock me out for a good 8hr sleep.

I liked this combo, my dose would be on the high side for most to start with and i defo would not take this dose if i was going into any social environment as i do not like to be obvious.It was very pleasant but lacked the final couple of gears but on the upside i could function the next day and the day after that I was back to normal, this is a major plus for me.
A pretty lady in a short skirt gives me a semi ]:-> O:-) o:-)
i felt the same as u guys in my experiment and i think its lack of something for the finishing article.and its pointless to redose more than once for me.the after effects:very tired for a few days and sweat a lot during sleep and also had some bad dreams as well.
overall:i like it and will try it again.

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