Poll: What's your preferred MDAI combination?
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23 46.00%
3-FPM (or another phenmetrazine analogue)
9 18.00%
4F-MPH (or another methylphenidate analogue)
5 10.00%
2-AI / N-methyl-2AI
0 0%
Modafinil or a modafinil analogue
0 0%
A nootropic or combination of nootropics
1 2.00%
Any other stimulant
6 12.00%
A non-stimulant
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Something else entirely
1 2.00%
Nothing - pure, unadulterated MDAI
5 10.00%
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MDAI Combinations
(18-01-2016, 01:16 AM)niflheim Wrote:
(18-01-2016, 12:34 AM)Ozle Wrote: I was imagining something similar to banzos without the sedation or loss of judgement. If does makes you euphoric even at lose doses it's likely not something I could ever see myself taking daily for college.

I have some issues with public speaking, even when it's just summarising my dissertation to a professor at the beginning of term, or presenting to a panel an outline of the project I'm meant to be undertaking and producing concrete results for by the end of this semester.

Then again, phenibut already does a great job of managing situations like that.

It's not something anyone should be taking daily. Any anxiolytic effects are likley to be downstream effects of serotonin release and repeated use (even at low dose) wil deplete your serotonin quickly.

You're at college - this is the best time to learn how to deal with your nerves around public speaking. Lots of people have problems with this, and (really) the solution is to keep doing it in spite of the anxiety and learn not to care if you screw up. College is a low-consequence environment where imperfection is expected because you're still being educated. Drugs can help with anxiety, but they don't teach you anything. The only way out is through. You have to experience the anxiety in order to learn how to deal with it. Spending the time and effort now is genuinely an investment that will pay off later.

Anxiety is just a signal your brain produces when it senses danger. You can't control the emotional signals that your brain presents to you (at least not in the short term), but you can choose how you respond to them; it's not always easy but it's a skill you can develop and get better at. Have a look at cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness techniques. Colleges often provide counselling services for students which may also be helpful.

Can I add to this :D
Also I'd suggest a drama group/production if you're having trouble with public speaking. Trust me the workshops they do for this exact reason are brilliant :)

I used to not like talking infront of 8 or 9 people, ended up doing 6 different shows, each ran for 5 nights with audiences of 600.
I sung solo in one of these and had atleast one lead role in each play.
You'd be surprised at what these drama people can pull from you :)
They say pain is relative, it certainly feels like a relative of mine... One that I can't get rid of.
(18-01-2016, 12:34 AM)Ozle Wrote: I have some issues with public speaking, even when it's just summarising my dissertation to a professor at the beginning of term, or presenting to a panel an outline of the project I'm meant to be undertaking and producing concrete results for by the end of this semester.

I have got Beta blockers from the doctor before for this kind of thing... but they do make you drowsy and feel rough... so you kind of lose a day for one event... so the event needs to be important enough

there also some herbal spray you can get at the supermarket that tastes like piss that isn't very strong but ok for mild situations like talking to your professor or easy job interviews although that may have been placebo when I used it but either way it has worked...

experience will tame it and eventually conquer as will visualization, self affirmations and self belief but it all takes time and you need your degree now so work on it but look at the beta blockers rather than put yourself through something that might knock you back and take your confidence... anyhting that people take to get high is going to end in tears... MDAI is not for this... even it works one time it will be a false success that will come back to haunt you in the way of miserable failure because you havent cured or conquered only delayed or masked the fear...

be sure to prepare fully so as not to cause yourself extra anxiety.

also if you smoke spliff stop it is my advice... its what caused a lot of my problems as a youth IMO.

Blankets screw you up. Just say no.
(16-01-2016, 10:16 PM)niflheim Wrote: 300mg MDAI + 40mg 4F-EPH


So, I'm going to share my response to an enquiry I got via PM. I'm not including the PM itself as I haven't asked for permission to share it and I'd consider a PM sent to me confidential unless otherwise agreed. The context is someone who was new to both MDAI and 4F-EPH intending to take the dose I'd reported in this thread and wanting to confirm how I took them. They also asked if I had any advice. Well, yes, I did.

Hi _________,

I swallowed the MDAI and railed the 4F. The doses above are the doses I used. Neither of these is a small dose and the combination has not been widely used (in fact I don't know of any other reports aside from my own)

It sounds like you have only tried 4F-EPH once and have not tried MDAI before. It's up to you to decide what risks you want to take., but I'd suggest that you're approaching this in a fairly reckless way and I think you should reconsider whether this is really something you want to do. Every time you or I take a drug, we risk serious health consequences up to and including death. That's not unique to drugs - every activity has risks. If I rode horses instead of taking novel chemicals, I could suffer the same kinds of consequences. But just as horse riders try to make their hobby safer by wearing riding helmets and riding in appropriate places rather than busy roads. i try to minimise my risks by approaching new drugs and new combinations cautiously and not escalating doses too far beyond my level of experience.

Or as others have said: know your body, know your mind, know your substance, know your source.

Being aware of the risks, how they may affect you and thinking about ways to make undesirable consequences less likely or less damaging is the only way to approach any potentially risky activity responsibly.

I didn't start out my investigation of 4F-EPH/MDAI combinations by taking the doses that resulted in the synergy I reported. My initial doses were much lower (15mg / 100mg I think). I increased my doses over a couple of tests based on a lack of harmful or unusual effects. I've had a fair amount of experience using 4F-MPH and MDAI together and effects from 4F-EPH were in line with my expectations of a closely related chemical. I'd also used the two chemicals on their own many times before, and had similarly started at low doses and titrated up over time.

Each of these things is a way of managing risk and together with other things like accurate measurement, doing research, etc. They add up to a significantly lowered risk of harm. They don't eliminate risk entirely - nothing is ever completely safe - but I like taking interesting chemicals and I think the risk is worth being able to engage in my preferred pastimes.

I've gone into detail here not to lecture you on how you're doing it wrong, but to show you that there is a real difference and just because you're using the same doses as me doesn't help reduce the risks you're exposing yourself to. None of its all that complicated and (to me at least) it's mostly common sense - the equivalent of wearing a proper riding helmet and not going for your first ride on the fast stallion that's known for throwing riders whenever it gets the chance.

High doses of two chemicals you're new to, one of which has only been around for a month, in a combination that has only been reported by one other person, where that combination apparently causes synergistic effects via some unknown mechanism. Your approach multiplies those risks together. Your decisions aren't my responsibility, but if you go ahead with your planned dose I hope it goes well.

I tried 4F- EPH with MDAI on Saturday... didnt get great results mainly because I wasnt sure what dose of 4F-EPH would be sensible and because the MDAI I had was from BRC and I have never tried them before...

I did a little bit of the stim which showed promise but it was getting late and I know the MDAI can take a while so want to get going so went ahead perhaps when I should have been a bit more patient.

.25 of mdai should do the trick for a first dose but it didnt and i had to do more... then I wasn't sure how much EPH to use so it got a bit messy...

so i'm not sure if the mdai is weaker than i'm used to or I got the ratio wrong with the 4F-EPH

not sure if the 4F-EPH affected the mdai in some way that it doesnt come up so nicely I will have to check the MDAI on its own to understand it properly and same goes for 4F-EPH...

the combination does seem to work but I think measurements are key

Blankets screw you up. Just say no.
Has anyone tried mdai and 3fpm and if so what ratio would it be, the same as was with MPA??, 3-1??.

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