Poll: What's your preferred MDAI combination?
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23 46.00%
3-FPM (or another phenmetrazine analogue)
9 18.00%
4F-MPH (or another methylphenidate analogue)
5 10.00%
2-AI / N-methyl-2AI
0 0%
Modafinil or a modafinil analogue
0 0%
A nootropic or combination of nootropics
1 2.00%
Any other stimulant
6 12.00%
A non-stimulant
0 0%
Something else entirely
1 2.00%
Nothing - pure, unadulterated MDAI
5 10.00%
Total 50 vote(s) 100%
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MDAI Combinations
MDAI is frequently combined with other chemicals, often a stimulant like MPA. I'm interested in what kinds of drugs people are choosing to use with MDAI, how the choice of drug influences the experience and potential harms, and especially whether some combinations cause worse after-effects than others.

If you've used different combinations, did you notice any differences? Have you used any combinations that had unusual or unexpected effects?

As the focus of this thread is on harm reduction (i.e. identifying combinations that may be more harmful than others or cause worse after-effects), I believe that discussion of non-UK legal substances in the context of use in combination with MDAI falls within the site rules (mods, please correct me if I'm wrong). If you're commenting in this thread about a substance that's controlled under UK law, please make sure you've read and understood those rules and that that discussion of any controlled substance is about its use alongside MDAI and contributes towards harm reduction.
Generally NDRAs (amphetamines, phenylmorpholines) go best with straight SRAs, ime.

Fun with psychedelics as well.
Excellent poll. Other than stand alone, I have only ever combined it with MPA, so I very much look forward to the feedback.
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I've ony had occasion to use MDAI on two occasions, and both left me with undeniably the worst and longest-lasting comedowns I've ever had. The most recent occasion was in combination with 3-FPM (which I normally find subjectively very forgiving in the aftermath) and it rendered me useless for around four days, with a further three to regain baseline.

I thought I'd been at least a little restrained with regards to quantity, whilst I admittedly set out to have something of a session, but I figure my brain might just be over eager to spill its serotonin reserves compared to others'. 

With regards to the experience itself, I thought it was pretty positive at the time. MDAI does add a bit of time distortion and dreaminess to the usual effects of 3-FPM, but I was anticipating a more...umm...rolly (?) experience which never really materialised.
started on the MPA but recently started using 3fpm or 3fmp and MPA...

I like to snort for the rush but don't like MPA or MDAI up the nose which is where the 3fpm comes in... although it is very harsh I just give it little blasts...

but i have found with the 3fpm that sessions go on well into the next day which is bad...

i have a fairly respectable 9 to 5 so Monday mornings can be a bit messy even if the session started friday night and ended saturday...

the first time i tried MDAI it made me vomit on the monday... no problem now though.

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Mdai + mpa is the king but i really wonder how will Mdai + a NDRI work. Planning to combine it with 4f-mph. Any thoughts or experiences?
Works well with ethylphenidate & isopropylphenidate.

I usually dose mdai & the stim separately as needed, both drugs don't have the same duration, mdai usually takes a bit longer to take effect. I'd usually start with a small stim dose, have the mdai about half an hour into it, then when I feel the MDAI I'd redose the stim, then maybe another mdai dose an hour later if the first one wasn't good enough. Usually the MDAI lasts a bit longer than eph does for me now (since I built a tolerance to it), so I'd redose the stim more than MDAI.

Caffeine is good too, cups of tea are extra nice.

Without any stimulant it's likely to send me to sleep, I have used it successfully as a sleep aid, but it doesn't take much to make me sleepy. If I take MDAI alone before bed then I sleep longer than usual, get to sleep quicker, have weird dreams, eventually wake up hot, sweaty & dehydrated, so it's not ideal for that. It doesn't take much stimulant to counter that effect & turn it into euphoria.

Nitrous oxide is good. I guess poppers might be a rush too.

Ginger and cannabis stop the nauseous feeling. Maybe peppermint tea could help too.

Bit of HR advice, I've found MDAI can often make me hot, sweaty, dry mouth & thirsty, maybe even more than MDMA used to. Make sure you have enough non-alcoholic drinks & have a salty snack. Take it easy if you're in a hot environment. If you're feeling too hot then find somewhere relatively cool & quiet to rest & drink. Don't drink stupid amounts, that can be deadly, sip it slowly don't take huge gulps, 500ml/hour is plenty for almost any situation.

If I eat a bit of food, have a drink & multivitamin tablet before bed then I don't get a comedown. If I really overdo MDAI then 'Tuesday blues' (feeling depressed 3 or 4 days later) can be a thing, it's not too bad when you know what it is & ignore it.

Don't overdo alcohol , that's likely to make any side effects & comedown worse. There was at least one death from a large amount of MDAI & alcohol. A couple of small drinks + MDAI + stim seems to be no problem, but don't get reckless.

It's probably wise not to combine it with too many other sedatives & pain killers too, if your stim wears off before your mdai/alcohol/sedative does then you could get into trouble.

Don't combine MDAI & MAOIs. Don't combine with tramadol. If you take SSRIs, other anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, etc then it's likely it wont work or effects will be very dulled, could be some dangerous combinations with some drugs like that.

You need to be cautious with a lot of dissociatives too, any that have serotonin action would be a bad potentially dangerous mix. Nitrous seems fine, but something like high dose dxm could be deadly.

I'd be cautious over mixing it with some psychedelics too, 1P-LSD might be ok in low doses, I'm not brave enough to try mixing MDAI & bk2cb (not sure what the point would be either), something like AMT could be a particularly bad mix.
anyone tried with methylphenidate??
So, to add my own experience here, I prefer phenidate stimulants in general and have only combined MDAI with 4-Me-MPH (prior to the TCDO) and 4F-MPH. Both of these worked well. Interestingly, Methylphenidate and MDMA have been studied in combination and, although the study authors highlight the cardiovascular and increased incidence of (non-serious) adverse effects, they also found that:

Quote:We hypothesized that methylphenidate may attenuate the emotional, autonomic and endocrine effects of MDMA to the extent that they depend on the DAT/NET-mediated release of DA/NE
Methylphenidate did not attenuate the pharmacodynamics effects of MDMA as we originally hypothesized it should. However, methylphenidate did not enhance any of the psychotropic effects of MDMA, although methylphenidate produced considerable subjective effects on its own.

Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic effects of methylphenidate and MDMA administered alone or in combination. Hysek CM, Simmler LD, Schillinger N, Meyer N, Schmid Y, Donzelli M, Grouzmann E, Liechti ME. Int J Neuropsychopharmacol. 2014 Mar;17(3):371-81

MDAI is not MDMA and methylphenidate analogues are not methylphendiate, but as indirect evidence goes, this seems like a reasonably positive indication that methylphenidate analogues are unlikely to inhibit any of the effects of MDAI, while providing stimulant effects.

I haven't noticed any adverse effects from either the 4-Me-MPH or 4-F-MPH combinations and there's been a distinct lack of come downs (although after a period of heavier use, I did experience lowered threshold for motion sickness which is known to be associated with low serotonin levels. This resolved by itself after a couple of days (I'd be interested to know if anyone else has experienced motion sickness or migraines following heavy MDAI use - I haven't experienced any migraines, but they're commonly mentioned alongside motion sickness as a low-serotonin condition).

Looking through the comments, it seems that 3-FPM in combination is more commonly reported to have worse after-effects - this is only based off a very small number of comments at this point, so it would be good to hear from anyone else who's used that combination and whether you'd agree or disagree with that.
No comedowns for me with ethylphenidate and isopropylphenidate.

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