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Seriously, has anyone has a good effect from MDAI? The mildly soothing effect I've had from it so far has been about the equivalent of listening to Classic FM. I have some white powder (says MDAI on the packet), and for all it does to me it could just as easily be self-raising flour.

Is the brown version better???
"oh hamburgers."
I have had a nice night on MDAI but have had my best time on it when I mixed it with a stronger stim. Even chasing it with a couple of Red Bulls seems to wake it up a bit. On its own it's fine for sitting in front of a film or something but the serotonin release makes me a right grumpy fucker afterwards.
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I hate this chem with a vengeance :( it completely drains me of seretonin in one session and turns me into an emotional wreck the following day. Will never touch it again :(
Ive had a couple of nice nights out on it at around 150mg, drinking alcohol.

Its not in your face, but it enhanced my mood for a good while and allowed me to sleep easlier than some other stimulants.

Although, i think joolsa is right. It drains serotonin alot aswell, and with a bad nights sleep or a hangover it can make you feel terrible the next day.
I mixed MDAI about 100mg(total 300mg) every 3-4hrs with 5-it and imo they went together very nicely, felt fine the next day and the day after.
I've tried multiple times to use this by itself, or with just caffeine, but failed every time. It keeps you from going to sleep easily, so after a a while I get bored and want something more. Mixed with a good stim its nice, the mixture makes the next day suck pretty bad though. Funny thing is I remember at one time I could have a good night with mdma and not have a bad day the next day, think my serotonin stores are permanently screwed.
Been meaning to try MDAI / MPA combo for a while now. Will prob try it sometime but a few of the comments here have given me pause for thought. If anyone has tried it I was thinking of VIP legals as they seem to get fairly good reviews for their MDAI....
VIP legals m&m mix is pretty good in my opinion. I did find it very moreish though and left to my own devices for a couple of days I consumed the whole 2g solo and had a great time with my music and my own company. Probably would have been better with proper company to be fair. Felt like chatting shit a lot :)
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Have anyone mixed MDAI with EP? Been looking for reports but havent found anywhere, some for MDAI/MPA combo but not for this.
I've heard it's great mixed with methylphenidate, so ethylphenidate could be good as well. The MDAI/Ethyl Combo should be less likely to be neurotoxic, as ethyl is mostly a DRI. MPA is most likely a strong releaser of dopamine so it would make sense that when mixed with MDAI it would have more nuerotoxic effects, and a much harsher come down and longer hangover. So I don't know if it's as good but it should at least be safer as far as neurotoxicity goes.

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