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Lyrics and Lyricists
So here's the deal, I'm what you call a ghost writer, I write songs for people in return for money (hate fame, imagine people watching you constantly...expecting certain things to be done or bought or whatever..)
anyway I was wondering if anyone here is a lyricist as they're my favorite part of any song, I was thinking maybe we could share some words, I think lyrics are an amazing way to communicate, don't worry I'm not going to steal your lyrics hahaha, I write around 2500 sets of lyrics a year, most go unused, so I was thinking maybe this could be a place I could put some, I was also thinking I could make a book of a 1000 songs and try publish it, anyways, write back anyone!
would love to participate but im more of a hip-hop head.
no guns and bitches, just day to day suburban life
I have written hip hop for a bit of fun, share it man if you feel like you want to, I appreciate all kinds of words (except fucking pop music, seriously what the fuck?)
I'm also big on hip hop, but I don't really care much for the content, just the sound as an instrument. Sounds shallow but I don't really care what the songs about, and generally find it can be a turn off if someone's singing something trite or something I don't agree with. That said sometimes the right words get through to me, so wouldn't discount it. I would however really enjoy your line of work, sounds like a lot of fun, even though I could imagine it hard to take seriously if you knew the person singing it had no connection to the words.
(24-12-2014, 06:51 AM)Tizzy Wrote: would love to participate but im more of a hip-hop head.
no guns and bitches, just day to day suburban life

Keeping it G ain't nuttin, you ain't gotta like it cause the hood gone love it
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Yo ive done it again, fallen roght off the fuckin wagon
And this is more of a warning then dicksizing and braggin
Its Fear and loathing in wessex part 2 bitches,
so fasten up your britches as i unravel the stitches
been awake for over 50hrs now, shits getting real
Thats over 50 hours with out a fucking meal
Shadows take on menacing properties,
shapeshifting whisps of air, congragating and mocking me
And so they should, i have total absence of willpower
But i havemt missed an hour of work or forgotton to shower
I have honoured all.my commitments, and I guess its made the difference
However time is taking its toll, my vison is getting " busy"
And lack of nutrition is making me feel dizzy!
The end is near as i wave goodbye to this madness
And prepare for a few blue days but i can handle the sadness,

hey you fuck mini baby bells too

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