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Looking for new stimulant similar to 3-MMC

my favorite chemical 3-MMC has been recently banned in my country and I am looking for an alternative stimulant for recreational use - could you please recommend me something? There is not a cathinone ban in my country, but just a list of prohibited compounds, so some new cathinone substitute should be alright (old classics like 4-MMC, 4-MEC etc. are also banned).

I am looking for something speedy and euphoric. But nothing strong with long duration and insomnia, I definitely want to sleep after night of researching. And the more proven chemical, the better...

read the threads. 

would be good places to start.
Hood Hippy word
I did. MPA is not euphoric and I think it is not allowed in my country, 3-FPM is way too strong (can anybody sleep after it?), Mexedrone is not even properly in sale, so the effects (especially the negative ones) haven't been tested at all. Any other suggestions? :) All the threads here are about UK, but I am not from UK and I don't have cathinone ban, so that's why I started a new thread.
I think you would get a better response on a mainland EU based site as the rules here don't allow discussion of UK illegal compounds except in a historical sense. 
Good luck with your search though.
yeah sorry we cant suggest illegals.
Hood Hippy word

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