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Live Psychedelic Techno/Trance set
Most of my gigs are behind the decks but some years ago I was interested in filling the "live" music gaps in predominately DJ based dance clubs. I noticed how much interest was paid to acts such as Lab4 who were able to translate the "DJ set" feel into a live dance act.

So, having been producing individual tracks for many years, at the beginning to 2002 I started building a set of tracks, made to go together to play live & in November of that year, with alot of help from a mate Marve (of "Trancient Dreams") played this set live for a promoter called "Tolerance", which ran a monthly, uplifting trance session at The Telegraph, Brixton, just up the Hill from what was then The Fridge.

I came across a battered looking, glitch riddled CD of the set a few months back & after many tries managed to get the disc to load onto my girlfriends music computer & she's spent a few weekends editting out the clicks & pops & ironing over the many skips.

Et voila! I uploaded the set to my mixcloud yesterday & invite anyone interested in original, unreleased Psychedelic Techno & driving Psytrance to have a listen.

There's an oldskool housey mix called Hunger & Thirst on there too, for anyone who likes things a little lighter ;)

Touch of Insanity - [email protected], November 2002 - http://www.mixcloud.com/lunaticfringe/to...tolerance/
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