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Legal dissociatives
Not sure. The highest dose I tried was 270mg, which was extremely confusing and sedating, reminded me of MXE (which I don't really like).

There's a over 50 year old patent (US3083139) from Upjohn for the desfluoro analogue for the treatment of depression which notes the dose as "1-500mg, 1-5x a day". Oh well.
Ephenidine is pretty damn awesome IMO. I hope we can get some data on safety soon.

I also love nitrous. So so much.
The available RC dissos look shady to me, maybe I'm too cautious, but they seem to be longer lasting & possibly less safe than traditional dissos.

Nitrous oxide is still legal, if mild & short lived. Take a vitamin b12 supplement if you get too into it, vitamin b12 depletion & suffocation seem to be the only dangers, both easily avoidable.

There's salvia divinorum if you want something really weird & unique.

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