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Last poster wins!
One of the most inane forum games ever created, devoid of all creativity and productivity yet brilliant because I'm the winner and holding the trophy!

Last poster wins and I'm full of tiger blood and Winning!
[Image: qn45rt_th.gif]

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In case that was too cryptic there's a little pic to the top right of my post of me holding the last post winner's trophy. If you want to take the trophy off me all you have to do is post something in this thread. Anything. Last poster holds the trophy.
[Image: qn45rt_th.gif]

Please read the site rules HERE

Gimme me my prize thanks
Give me a violent torpedo of truth.
Gimme Ken Barlows polkadot thermals.
Don't want regrets, going to try my best
But I'm only a man doing what I can
And I'll go forth with these words in my hand, in my hand.
I want to play the electric guitar trophy. And now i am...
The most merciful thing in the world...is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents
H.P. Lovecraft
Please read the site rules HERE
You bottom hole!
For one night only.

Soapy tit wank (with granola on top).
Alcohol: the cause of - and solution - to all of life's problems
Bawbags :-)

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