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LU Doves LOVE 2nd time round.....
Rite this is the second time i am trying these LU doves love, my first experiece with these was great i was really impressed. so hoping that this experience is the same. this is a real time trip report so sorry if there is any grammer mistakes.

this is out of the same batch i brought a little while. the only thing i will say is the delivery of these seems to take forever getting to me so if you are going to get any order a while in advance.

i have alergy tested these before so no need to do again.


T - 0 took one whole pill i will say this. last time i took these i found them quite strong and only took one probly better then some of the proper pills i have taken recently, but i will say again as i did in the last report you cant beat the real thing.

T - 30min i have started to yawn a bit but no real diffrence at the moment. feel a bit warmer aswell in my face.

T - 1HR Rite has nearly been an hour feeling a bit fuzzy headed a bit like ive had a few drinks. still yawning so somthing is coming, my jaw is clenching a bit but nothing major i have eaten a twix. i feel like i need to have a drink but previous experiences tell me to sip some water not chug it down. also a bit spaced out just enjoying being sat in the warm.

T - 1:15min  its starting to come on now colours are brighter no more yawning slight tinghts up my back which feels so nice. i will say it is a bit like an mdma trip but as said before cant beat the real thing. i do feel like i could handle another pill but for the purpose of this trip im guna stick to the one for now untill the full effects take place. i am tingleing all over nothing over powering but just nice. i like that my heart is not thumping in my chest like other stims this is just nice and smooth if you know what i mean. pupils are starting to get bigger.

T-1:30  its only been 15 mins but the effrects are coming on alot not. i feel kind of a bit shacky diffinetly got eye wiggles abit got a few nice waves of euphoria smell and hearing has gotten better palms are getting a bit sweaty i do feel nice just sat here i do feel a bit colder but threw a blanket on me and im good euphoria is great. i feel like i should be sharing this experience. im steching a lot which feels nice now you should not go out on this reserch chemical its great for relaxing.

T - 2hr its been nearly 2 hrs i have amazing waves of euphoria going though my body and i mean amazing alot cleaner the with some RCs but its just amazing stuggling to consentrate eye wiggles are all over the place this is fantastic. im just sat watching tele and keep shutting my eyes because of the amazing waves of euphoria i am also quiet horney which is strange because im never horney on drug but i fel this ould be amazing with a women my GF dosnet know i do drugs abd she hates it. so if there are any women that want to experience this fantastic euphoria let me know it really is that good and would love to share this with a women. hands are a bit cold and i am stuggling to concentrate on writing know a bit hot and clamy everything feels great my bodys ahhhhh so nice. walking around i feel kind of drunk tbh.

T-2:30 rite i am going to have to wrap this up becasue i cant consentrate on this an more and the euphoira is becoming strong i love these they are deffiatly the top pill on the market if you can find them the euphoria is fantastic its like i keep waking up and driffting into this euphoria i wouldd love to share this experience with a women or two it really is just fantastic such a great invention so anyone that wants to share this experience hit me up. this is not a going out drug this is so euphoric and you just get lost in wavs of it sorry about the rest of the review guys but in in it now.

over and out.
Sales pitch?  Sounds great though
Be good; but if you can't be good, be careful ]:->
No not a sales pitch but they really are that good i didnt think they would be  but. as i said before you cant beat the real thing. but these are great.
 very mongy -and relaxing is good i have stocked up for christmas a new year
Have you tried the doves dance Dave? I really enjoyed them
no i havent tried the dance yet as they take ages to get to me but if there anything like the loves they will be great.
rite though i better finish of this report after i got off the computer i took another pill i sat listening to music coming in and out of waves of euphoria, i was just melting into my chair after about an hour or so the other pill kicked in and hard it made the waves of euphoria more intence. my jaw clenching was uncontrolable and i made a bit of a mess in my mouth. but at the time i didnt know it. after anouther hour or two i did start sweating alot i was so hot and my body was on fire i found that this morning my face looks sunburnt a bit nothing major but a bit. i had a drink of cold water which seem to help all in all a great trip i would probably just stick with the one pill as i was happy with that level of euphoria. this morning i dont feel to bad had a little trouble sleeping last nite but took a nytol which sorted that out. ive got a nice little afterglow effect this morning i dont feel drained or anything sort of spaced out a bit.

anyway hope this report helps .
Aye it helps to flush out the shills
how much are they in old money .10 shillings each i suppose
Hi Dave do you have any experiences of products from vendors other than LU? would love to hear how you rate them.
Hey Revco ive not really had a lot to do with any other venders apart for LU i used to used a reserch chemical site called cactus candy but they would only delivery in bulk which was no good for me and also reserch chemicals.net i think but i found that all the products i tried from these site such as synthicane and Ethylphenidate. just made my heart pound in my chest and make  me hot and sweaty. and i coulnd get a good enough sort of feeling without going overboard with them and after the whole experience i just could not switch off for a few days which was horrible.

i have aslo tried AMT but found the experience just lasted to long and after it i was so worn out and found i slept for ages if you would like a full report let me know.

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