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LU Doves LOVE !!!!!
this is just a quick trip report as there is not alot of information on them at all. after a month and a half of waiting and relentless emails i final got my hands on some of these LU doves love. wont bor you with the details of getting these but they do come all the way from asia and dont let the owners of LU sent the originals as a replacement, you want the LU doves LOVE.

i am a male 24y about 15.5st

rite first off did alergey test nothing so took one pill. i was a bit nervious becasuse there is not alot of info on these but theres only one way to find out what there like.

T-30mins warm belly a bit clammy nothing really out of the ordinary yet. started yawning which means somthing is coming well does for me anyway. lights are more defined or focused tele looks more HD a little.

T-1hr euphoria is coming on very strong in waves very much like an MDMA trip. im not guna say these are the same because there not but these are very close in the sence that the rush and level of euphoria i was feeling. which suprize me tbh because i was not expecting feeling that good. i put some music on and head phones in. i will say i was getting a little cold on my feet and hand so got a blanket which made it better.

T-2hrs my god these are good getting so lost in the music just laying on sofa with my headphones in. i am feeling very loved up and horny and wanted to share this with everyone but contained myself from calling everyone i know. and yes to everyone wondering these are that good obvestly you cant beat the real thing but these are so close. probly better then some of the pills out there. pupils are huge by the way.

T-4hrs nothing else has happend in the past 2hrs just so lost in the music. waves of euphoria is amazing. just melting into my sofa. walking around is very strange feel kind of drunk but able to do everything i want.  

T-6hrs effects are tappering off now slight euphoria still there but not as much ive sort of woke up after being lost in the music. i am a little tierd but know i wont sleep as my pupils are huge there must still be a stimulant in my body somewhere. so just sat watching some tele for a bit but cant really consentrate .

T-7or 8 hrs cant really concentrate anymore so i took some sleeping tablets and went to bed. and slept well i woke up about 3 in the morning for a bit and was a bit restless but slept overall well.

to sum up really great product very close to real ecstacy but obvestly you cant beat the real thing. but annoying trying to get hold of this producted but after finaly trying it, it was worth it. i would only try one pill at a time and take a second if you feel the need because the euphoria is definatly strong. and it was enough for me to have a great time. would NOT recomend this in a club i dont think it would work well at all becouse of the loved up sensation i just wanted to melt into the sofa and didnt want to move, but be a judge for your self. i know they have the LU Doves Dance which i will be trying at some point and will let you know

Hope this helps.
Quote:DOVES LOVE Pills is the latest and greatest in research chemical technology specially formulated for those seeking a product that can provide max LOVE, EMPATHY and EUPHORIA. Doves are available in LOVE, ORIGINAL and DANCE. Each pack of Dove Pills contains 2 pills pre-weighed and pre-pressed for your research purposes. If your looking for a good ecstasy replacement and one hell of a night out then this products for you. WARNINIG only for the HARDCORE !!!

They should write what chemical is in them somewhere in that text.
They've always been shit whenever I've taken them, despite many people saying they're good. Maybe you were lucky.
This is just my personal experiance as i said this was great just sat listening to music and melting into my sofa and the euphoria was amazing. this is probably one of the only RCs that i have really enjoyed and been able to sleep after. i will be trying again and update this post to see if the experiances is different in anyway.
According to an online headshop its (-)-2B-(3-(4-Methylphenyl)isoxazol-5-yl)-3B-(4-chorophenyl)tropane. Which is aka RTI-336, a phenyl ... 
from Wikipedia

...   is a phenyltropane derivative which acts as a potent and selective dopamine reuptake inhibitor and stimulant drug. It binds to the dopamine transporter with around 20x the affinity of cocaine,[1] however it produces relatively mild stimulant effects, with a slow onset and long duration of action.

But over on BL there is mention of these testing positive for Cathinones so as usual with branded, you dont always know what you're getting.

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