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LSZ/AL-LAD being seized in the customs

Since LSZ and AL-LAD blotters looks like LSD blotters is there any risk that they're envelope get detected by x-ray and open in the customs for inspection and then get seized? 

Anyone knows of something like that happening? Maybe with 25c-nbome blotters...
Heard of it happening with pellets and badly-labeled powders. but never blotters.

Typically because blotters arent in packages, just regular envelopes.

It 'could' happen, but I doubt they x-ray screen regular non-suspicious-looking letters under certain weights... because of the sheer difficulty to do that many.
Since last week I received 20 etizolam pellets sucessfully I guess ordering 10 al-lad blotters shouldn't be a problem.
depends on your drug laws where you live i know the vendors here will not ship to the usa though
I wonder if there is some risk of them containing trace elements of illegals also, which could be a serious charge.
The vendor said it will test negative for LSD
Your vendor should also add to a package some kind of product data shit with info about the substance. It usually solves many problems with customs. Or the police.
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Printed graphics on blotter won't show on x-ray as it only detects changes in density.
(29-07-2013, 08:37 PM)sch1renc Wrote: The vendor said it will test negative for LSD

AL-LAD and LSD are indole, so field test kit will make it show positive LSD.

But if they put it by GC / MS analysis, it will be proven not to LSD.

at least i already received them. so there is no difference between ordering No in a small letter and al-lad, since the test will acuse the same?

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