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LSZ 300µg from Research-Blotz
Got the chance to try out my sample of LSZ i received from Research-Blotz. It was a couple weeks ago and until now i haven't had the chance to type up my report. The experience is not too fresh in my mind so i will do the best with the notes i took. I also tried to note the differences i could feel between LSZ and AL-LAD.

11:00pm- Place half blotter under my upper lip, it is tasteless like AL-LAD.

11:20- Just lying on my back in bed in bed, feeling relaxed and calm. 

11:25- Put the other half of the blotter under my lip

11:50- Feeling really relaxed and chilled out, my bed feels warm and really cozy. I put some music on and it sounds amazing, definitely heightened music appreciation on this.  

12:25- Still feeling really mellow and content right now, not much else though. No visuals, thinking about putting the other blotter in but feeling really indecisive.

12:30- Think "Fuck It" and place the other blotter under my gum tongue.

1:00- Feeling really calm and content still but i kinda feel the need to skank along to the tunes i'm listening to now. Time is pretty dilated now, my pupils are massive and things are starting to look a bit more groovy now. Colours are enhanced, i can see tracers when things move and a slight heatwave effect in certain places i look around my room.

1:30- Things are morphing, dancing and breathing. I have a dinosaur poster on my wall and the dinosaurs were moving around. It looked like their legs and tails were moving and they were opening and closing their jaws as if they were roaring at each other. I got lost staring into my own little Jurassic park for a while, it was pretty fucking cool haha.

1:55- All my senses are heightened, i went from my room to get a drink downstairs which was slightly cooler but to me it felt like a trip to Alaska, i'll remember to wrap up warm next time... i go downstairs lol
My teeth feel really sensitive on the border of achey right now and i have that feeling of pressure in my head whenever i take certain psychedelics. Nothing bad or worrying though.

2:00- Start to think really deep about my life, death and consciousness and start to get worried like i need the answers to all of questions right now for some reason. When i get out of this thought loop, i feel a huge amount of relief. Like the biggest weight had been lifted off my shoulders and i was free, it felt great!

2:30- Looking at some videos i took from last weekend at Boomtown Fair with the light in my room off. Watching videos of the giant, mechanical, alien-spider stage Arcadia i feel like im transported back there for a minute or 2, feeling the same i felt then-amazing. had such a great time 

3:10- Think i've peaked for a bit now, jaw tension is present and my teeth feel like shit, but not because of grinding them - iv'e managed to avoid doing that. They just feel like they're rotten on this, i get this on most psychedelics, but more so on AL-LAD and LSZ apparently

4:00- Visuals just starting to wear off, must be on my way down now

7:00- Still some slight visual activity, heightened music appreciation and  senses. I look outside at the sun rising, the clouds and the sky look really beautiful. Colours are still enhanced and outside right now looks really appealing but i'm feeling physically tired now and don't think i could get to sleep yet so i take 3.5mg of etizolam. As i stare, out my window, at the windmills on the hills in the distance, i think about how wonderful i still feel and things look. This has been a great experience and i would definitely like to experiment further with LSZ. 

8:25: Visuals worn off now. Tired but cant quite sleep so i take another 0.5mg of etizolam to make it up to 4mg. I soon fall asleep and the next day have a nice afterglow which left me in a good mood feeling fresh.

Thinking back to my last AL-LAD experience i found LSZ wasn't as euphoric, i did feel really happy on LSZ but it was more of a really content and mellow happiness. Visually they seem pretty much the same from my experiences. Out of the 2 i dont have a preference but i'd say LSZ is better for tripping on your own; i found it more introspective. If i were with friends or going to a festival/concert i'd go for AL-LAD as i found it more euphoric.

 Thank you and shout out to Research-Blotz for the sample, great customer service and product.
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Nice report, don't think they are tasteless just wont detect the taste unless you put a large amount of powder/solution on your tongue. I don't imagine it tastes good so not tasting it is a plus in my book.
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