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LOOSE etizolam is what? Any experience.
I would agree they feel more like 1-1.5mg than 2mg, they seem in my subjective opinion to take slightly longer to kick in as well. Thanks for the input guys :)

Back in the day, BB used to sell pink 2MG loose pellets that were definitely 2MG. They were either pink or blue I forgot but I had both. I have never tried etizest personally but clearly they are pharmaceutical grade and will be the correct mg every time.
Did anyone order any of the loose 2 mg Etizolam pellets from researchchemicals4u in the last days up to the ban?

Did they look like these? I have showed you both sides of the pellet, there are no splitting-line on either side.
[Image: Fil_01_06_2016_10_24_19.jpg]

How do you grade them compared to 1 mg Etizest?

There is no doubt they they consist of good quality Etizolam, but I think the content of Etizolam in the tablets might be closer to 1,5 mg than 2 mg. But they work effectively and there is no doubt that it is Etizolam. I no longer have any Etizest or Etilaam to compare them to, but I wonder have others grade them?

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