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FDA can be tough,so an unequivocal safe rating is reassuring.GRAS is usually the one they use; Generally Regarded as safe;for dietary supplements.
I had 200mg L-the' this morning with 150 caffeine and 25mg DMAA. I feel it made the caff smoother like it should, i was doing manual work but it had man intricate bits, i still had the energy but was nowhere near as scatty. 

somebody mentioned taste? the caps are generic off ebay and look unprofessional IMHO, what should i be looking for taste wise? today may have just been placebo
It's not bad at all, a slight bitterness. Phenibut is a hundred times worse.
You fellas hove obviously never mainlined 3 kilos before I take it?

Fucking intense
"To fall in hell or soar angelic you need a pinch of psychedelic".
Humphry Osmond to Aldous Huxley (in a book)

I've been using it with every stim I use and I love it. Very subtil but there's this relaxing effect.
I use almost every day....i don't care, I like it.
Starting to realise its effects only come into play in the presence of stimulants. Take say 300 mg of Caffeine and it will reduce the jitters considerably. Wonder if it would work with EPH or MPA?
It works with me...I take it with EPH when I occasionally do it...it's great. Right alert but no nervosness or anxiety. Even with any alcohol ; no hangovers...Any drug out there. it is a must for me.
It's in black tea too (and white), along with a bunch of antioxidants. Think I'm getting more than my rda of this already.
Don't really want a tea ceremony before railing every line though.

And as for RDA (obviously there isn't one) but standard L-Theanine cap is 200mg, there's about 5mg in a cup of black tea.

So you'd be taking 100 times more than a cuppa.

Personally, I think its ability to take the edge of what looks like just about every stim, plus its price, make it look very interesting.
I think the amount of benzos I have done / do would negate any positive effects sadly.

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