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Kratom [is not] still legal
So I recently found a couple of suppliers operating from the uk and [redacted] have an article on their site stating that its still legal and that the psa does not cover it.
On this info I contacted my old supplier in the NL and they said that they are still successfully shipping to the uk, so i placed an order that arrived last week.
The box had been opened by customs upon arrival and they had pierced the double plastic baggies containing the enhanced borneo ( light brown powder with the look of smack) however the parcel was still delivered intact.
Thought this was worth sharing

niamh edited 27-05-2017 05:55 PM this post because:

Removed reference to UK based kratom vendor

The government certainly intended kratom to be covered by the PSA:

Quote:The growth in psychoactive substance misuse coincided with the emergence of synthetic substances onto the UK market around 2008/9. The undoubted focus of this Bill is on those products. However, some natural psychoactive substances are of course harmful (e.g. Ibogaine and Kratom) and if the Bill only covers synthetic products, the market may be driven towards natural products, or claimed natural products, more generally. I therefore have no desire to create this loophole and drive this market, just as the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 has done with synthetic substances with new substances emerging which have been designed to evade controls.
-- Letter from Theresa May (as Home Secretary) to the chair of the ACMD, 27th October 2015.

The mere fact that the product in question was not seized on this occasion does not mean that doing so is actually legal and should not be taken as evidence that Kratom is not covered by the PSA.

I used to use [...]

niamh edited 27-05-2017 05:56 PM this post because:

Since Kratom is likely covered by the PSA, discussion of kratom vendors is not allowed.

Saw this thread earlier today , (with slight optimism , following the OP's post) . But luckily , Niamh's extensive knowledge , hard work , research and quick response on the matter , prevented any hopefuls like myself mistakenly placing themselves at legal risk.
Following some web trawling myself , it appears that the vendor in question either hasn't done his homework , had poor legal advice or is responsible for some foul play , imo. Not 100% certain , but the site appears to be located in Canada despite appearing to be UK based .
Another popular ethno vendor that moved to Canada from UK after May 2016 seems to have now closed indefinitely due to undisclosed circumstances. (Maybe sales are poor?) , if that also applies to the other ex-UK vendor , then maybe they are trying to drum up business and hoodwinking unaware UK kratom enthusiasts into an illegal purchase , with total disregard for the customer's legal welfare.
I would say with 99% certainty that kratom is totally covered by the 2016 PSA. And not worth the 1% risk , imo. The PSA has shown to be watertight so far , with regards to loopholes.
Poor show by what was once a responsible vendor. Hope nobody gets caught up on the import clause of the PSA because this poorly written false info by these vendors .
Thanks Niamh , for the rapid response to the OP .
Forgive me
I orderded some a few weeks ago then found out it was from Germany so was a bit scared obviously. It arrived without any bother recently. Still need to do my research better in the future :)
The only research you need to do is:

Is it specifically named as legal?

Yes -> It's legal
No -> It's not legal
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