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Great stuff guys - here's a video of World Dance from 94 (guaranteed I was there lol - whichever party it was), just to give some idea of the vibe back then, 'cos although it might seem similar to a lot of what happens today, it was very different indeed and a mixture of the old (ie people dancing together having a party, with the new - ie the music, sounds, party pleasures and most of all, the culture where a lot of the UK from different backgrounds got together, at a very difficult time when jobs were hard to come by, and the future looked bleak, and we kinda hugged each other, shared vibes and made something out of the scraps that we'd been thrown (couldn't afford a drum kit? just sample the Amen break or Apache break, or roll your own - you got yourself a beat, and thanks to the reggae, dub, hip hop and disco guys from the 70s ad 80s. And it was good - very good, and didn't need a fucking university degree either... although high level physics and maths helps with building synthesizers and understand sound design and music tech) and the new - technology such as electronic instruments, cheap computers, communications and certain psychoactives.

We did it, not to be seen, not to be cool, not to be anything, just 'cos we need the vibes at that time. And there were casualties (as there are in any Yates Wine Lodge on a Saturday night), but it was also very healing for a majority of us who went on to become very normal, albeit slightly demented weekend warriors.


To the lighter massive....
on a fucking mission to outer space to find another race.
don't think of this as the end, think of it as a chance to make new friends with dealers
UKCR compilation albums.
(06-12-2014, 11:00 PM)444499 Wrote: UKCR compilation albums.

Mate, I've got the tunes on vinyl, and as much as I love a good mix-tape, there's something fucking zen about matching up physical representations of waveforms in a spiral shape, in terms of frequency, both in tempo and harmonics for a few hours.

Or to put it simply, I like brocking the fuck out...

Another classic (remember seeing this live at Glasto in 97 in the dance tent), Roni Size and Reprazent just after winning the Mercury Music Prize, and performing for the BBC. Sound is rubbish for first five minutes, then is fine - well worth listening to - Size, Die, Krust, Suv, Dynamite, Onallee; plus the others... into 97 make haste...

Bit older on than the rest (late 90s?) - Up All Night...

Great tune, Passi.

The 1990 were very similar to today. Mass unemployment, shit education, shit government, way too many drugs and not enough to do. In some ways things were even more limited than today. No widespread internet, no mobile phones, no electronic communication or social networking. Your life was geographic and if you got stuck in some shit part of the UK, with no jobs , no idea of what ‘s going on outside your own fishbowl, and no future – the shit was bleak. Real bleak. And, especially if your own particular town/city borough was a bit crap; which most were.
And then something happened, and this will sound strange. But we learned to recycle, and we learned to communicate and then (most importantly, we learned to synthesise – ‘cos that is a long running tradition on these islands, and passed down from family to family) and I’ll do my best to explain this. I don’t want to sound patronising, like I’m telling people younger than me that we were special, or that this is some plan – I’m just trying to write a history of what life was like back then, and how we got it on with it.

Back then, tapes were the most common way of listening to music, and CDs were starting to get popular (and I can remember coming home in 1991 after school, and my dad was sitting in the living room smoking a coned shape rollie, listening to Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and in a sound clarity that I’d never heard before – he’d just bought our first CD player – it was one of those moments that are so small, and you didn’t know then – couldn’t have imagined it - but, but it was going to change your life; and in a big way).

So, let’s take a step back a few years, and have a look at some of early protein structures that were to evolve. And then we’ll close the book, and carry on the story later after bed time, and on another night.

So, get comfortable. The story is about to begin with a man called Lee 'Scratch' Perry, who came from Jamaica and it is there that he found popularity back the 1960s.

Jamaica back then didn't have much money. So, they improvised with what they did have. And with just that, they thrived in their own way. Humans have a way of adapting. They just do.

Until next time.

Got to keep the tunes spinning...

So let's go to the present for second, before we take a two-step backwards in our DNB Delorean, with bass bins capable of sending us through time - into the flux capacitor we go. Where we're going, we don't need roads...

And another...

High Contrast & Clare Maguire - Who's Loving You (Part 1)

And taking it down a notch, for the soul:


(05-12-2014, 05:58 PM)Tizzy Wrote: any jungle in guy?

"I got the Tarzan and Jane of Jungle just swinging on in the vine this morning man, Im telling ya, this could turn Hare Krishna into a Bad Bwoy!" 

Yes bruv jungle thread. Was a junglist before i could walk. Dad would play jungle every morning before work apparently, first ever dance music i heard was jungle, specifically "United dance designer collection - DJ Hype" definitely in my top 5 mixes/albums of all time, i remember listening to it on the bus too school constantly. 


Not a big fan of MC's but yeah most mid 90s jungle nights had them. MCMC is alright i guess.... HYPE HYPE HYPE!

Posted this in the "what are you listening to" thread but i think it needs to be here also. Big up l4l! 


(05-12-2014, 05:58 PM)Tizzy Wrote: any jungle in guy?

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