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Is It Legal?
(22-10-2015, 08:44 AM)6dream Wrote: This is the post that gave me the opposite impression:

From that I assumed you were referring to 5-Br.

It's a pity.  Sad

There's a few tryptamines which should be legal and look promising.

MPMI compounds have an N-methyl-pyrrolidine group incorporating both the anime and alpha carbon. (5-MeO-MPMI, 4-HO-MPMI)

Various trimethyl-tryptamines place a methyl in the 1 or 2 position (5-MeO-2-TMT, 1-TMT and 2-TMT)

Three ring dihydropyrano analogues contain only one oxygen and are not caught by the alkylenedioxy clause (4,5-DHP-AMT)
Interesting. It's depressing though that we are running out of time to ever see them. Sad Sad Sad
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KoHere is another I dug up apparently aa piperadine based drug. If this made it to market it looks like the one of best rcs to be made.https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/N,O-Dime...arboxylate this should be legal and relitvly easy to make I wonder why we have not seen it?
And btw 4 Ho mpmi looks absolutely amazing its really potent.
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First post updated to avoid any future confusion

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