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Incoming legal high ban/ Zombie on the loose!
Probably. In retrospect my title was a bit dumb, I meant it more in the way of a probable sun campaign
ned - i just wanted a code to go and hav a look but yee hav ruined it now acting like scientolagists with the code...seriously yee say im a prick just take a step back there

Quote:The attack next to a busy road on Saturday afternoon has been linked to a potent drug known as "bath salts".

Mr Aguilar told a CNN affiliate he believed the suspect could have taken a type of drug known as "bath salts", citing four past overdoses in the Miami area where people had also removed their clothes and gone berserk.

"It causes them to go completely insane and become very violent," he said.

According to the US Drug Enforcement Administration, users of the drug have reported experiencing agitation, paranoia, hallucinations and elevated body temperature.

If you follow the link to the BBC's source the only mention is of LSD (same quotes as yesterday). Nothing about bath salts whatsoever. Media pulling buzz words out of their arse :-/
..great name for a branded chem though.. Zombie Attack..

..can't believe there's no decent footage available..

Armando Aguilar, of Miami's Fraternal Order of Police, told the Associated Press: "He had his face eaten down to his goatee. The forehead was just bone. No nose, no mouth."

..the Fraternal Order of Police?

..no links to the Klan there then huh..
Just an article i found any chemists amongst us that concur (or not) with this?....


this image and the footage below it are NSFW (NOT SAFE FOR WORK) and NSFL (NOT SAFE FOR LIFE) its pretty gruesome... you did ask for some footage mango will this pic do?


and some footage as requested...

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Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional
..nicely found Dolb.. pretty weird huh.. time for a snack..
(30-05-2012, 03:18 PM)Mango Wrote: ..nicely found Dolb.. pretty weird huh.. time for a snack..

Pretty weird indeed!! i have one last LINK for you its pretty gross defo NSFL
of the poor victim after.....no scooby snack that one!!

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Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional
..just goes to show.. be careful who you roll with..
so a crackhead was likely sold PCP instead of crack and went batshitmad.

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Just listen to the first few seconds. ABC News love to whip up the tension.
American news stations scare me a bit tbh.
If this is in the US then its shouldn’t have any impact here. Is anyone else angry that the policeman killed the guy, he would be tried for murder in this country and rightly so.

Salient points here, a tragedy, 1 mentally ill man and his executioner. I’m not, and don’t mean to bash the US, but there are some big big differences here. I have heard that the murder rate in the US is 200 times that of Japan (it may of been Tokyo/New York) If your society holds life so cheaply then there are subtle/not so subtle knock on effects here, you are validating and thereby making killing more viable/accessible to your population, this is the subliminal message you are sending. I don’t wish to piss anyone off but, viewed emotionlessly (reasons home ground) the chewee was not really in any imminent danger compared to being strangled say for instance (grizzly as it is, its just skin, its np) & the chewer was lying face down on the ground eating someone’s face & when shot responded by growling. We shouldn’t be executing the mentally ill, unless there is literally no choice, any more than we should be demonising prostitute’s drug addicts & homeless people.
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