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I threw my life away, night and day I pipe away


Robbed a Post Office, my only goal was to fail. Swear I did it just so I could go back to jail. Three square meals a day, it's my favourite hotel. It's hard to use in there so I can't wait to get out of my cell.

Back to grifting, shoplifting and sifting through the trash. There wasn't many things I wouldn't do for cash. One low point is when I had to give this dealer a bash. It wasn't even smack, he only had the tiniest bit of hash. I'll cut myself so I can stay in hospital for a night. It's cold outside or at least until these shakes subside.

Robbed a pregnant women's smartphone, I had to do it. How do you watch TV? I can't figure out how to do it! Sold it at 2.30 and by 3 I blew it. It wasn't even enough you see I fucking knew it!! I need to cure my sickness but no money for a prescription. Deep in my addiction and cursed with this affliction. Chances of going back to work are fading with each conviction. The council won't house me anymore, they've stopped the bedsits. Kicked me out last time, not slept in a bed since. You would think I would learn frim one of these fucking lessons. Instead I'm steady headed towards my obsolescence. The light of the Lord shines quite bright with fluorescence... Except on me, my life has been quite unpleasant. Excuse me for being depressing, how was your Christmas? Get any presents?

I found some chicken breasts round the back of M&S. It was freezing, I was in a dirty vest. I cooked them in the corner, fucking burnt my chest. Thought about my daughter and it fucking burns my chest. If I  don't drink a bit of water first, it hurts my head, but I digress. To answer your question, yes. I'll take one white and two B. Those ones there look the best.


Blankets screw you up. Just say no.

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