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I thought I was a Real Doctor on Ephenidine
Firstly, watching television on 25x-NBOMes is no doubt marvelously interesting, to put it lightly, and usually results in a colossally deep, introspective experience with seemingly countless thoughts flowing from the simple everyday events and interactions within the characters' lives. I once re-watched a few episodes of House MD on 25B (perhaps it was 25C; it doesn't matter) and found myself deeply engaged with each of the characters, enduring any and all of their circumstances and purely-episodic character arcs, and empathising with such an intensely compassionate immersion with a whole spectrum of potentially resulting emotions. It was, as TV on psychedelics always is, a field day of feelings and fun.

Granted, it wasn't half as outlandish as watching House during the onset of a decent dissociative trip (~200mg Ephenidine as I recall). I switched it off once I was unmistakably aware I was tripping (the usual tell-tale signs: dreamlike confusion, changes in awareness of size/scale, movement sensations akin to a a rollercoaster or magic-carpet ride), and as a result of an existing emotional investment in the show, I spent the remainder of the trip suddenly convinced I was now a doctor on a real-life in-hospital rendition of House - I was the newest addition to Dr. Gregory House's elite team of no-nonsense diagnosticians - what a deserving role for someone as clever as me! And what a peculiar experience that was. It was all very unhinged and abstract that I struggle to recall much in detail, though I have one clear memory where I was talking to Foreman (the "black doctor") in-depth about a patient's worrying symptoms, whilst assisting the patient into what was at the time an MRI machine, but which happened to just be my bed. The patient however was merely the latest visible manifestation of a psychosis-induced audial hallucination (or a 'voice'), as were all of the other doctors - the elaborate and believable characters of Cameron, Chase, the short redhead from the later seasons, and House - who were on my team of experts (all were also frighteningly knowledgeable in all aspects of medical science we happened to discuss, or as the drug would have me foolishly think).

For what it's worth I was, in fact, an incredibly skilled doctor and all round generally awesome at being a specialist diagnostician, but I decided not to commit to staying on as a part of the highly-selective team after my brief trial period (which essentially just meant deciding not to remain within the delusion well after the trip's actual conclusion (or so I believed; the basic concept of me merely tripping for all of that time hadn't occurred to me once)), a carefully calculated and informed decision I made with the culmination of my rational thought processes, as I simply wasn't willing to make the extreme sacrifices - to both my social life and my inherent code of morality - required to make the cut and live up to Dr. House's lofty expectations.
[Image: EP0cMqo.png?1]
Have you got a photo to what research usaully looks like
Lol hilarious post.
I think “I’m an incredibly skilled dcotor and all round generally awesome as a specialist diagnostician” would be a great ice breaker with patients
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"
To use some medical parlance myself, that had me in stitches

don,t give up the day job though

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