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I don't understand what thus forum is about these days
Does anyone know if Homosildenafil is still available to buy either in the uk or abroad ?
(24-11-2017, 12:00 PM)kkv Wrote: For me this forum has always been about support in a time of need. Weather thers 3000 members or 3 it will always be my saftey net .

And im very thankfull for the guys keeping it running.

Don't get me wrong, I've always felt at home here and have spoken with some amazing people on iccasions when I got into trouble. It's just sad it all slowed down so much.
"But people, who are not very bright, close their minds to new information. Sometimes, perhaps, out of loyalty to opinions the've held for years but the real loyalty we owe is to truth."
 ~ anon via Bongwater
Miss this place in its Heyday. So much love. Hope all the old guard are good and well.

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There's still love here King and there's often 100 people reading at times, though most seem happy to merely lurk. You know yourself the depth of information here and that alone is invaluable. It is difficult to keep threads alive these days and I do wish people would reply more. New substances are no longer arriving of course. As far as research is concerned there's perhaps a resistance towards mentioning the few opportunities that do exist as it would simply be flagging things for prohibition. The site always kept within the law.

UKCR is still invaluable as a place where informed advice and timely assistance is available. Harm reduction continues, albeit after a different fashion.

The active hedonism and personal freedom which the site facilitated has given way to a more static record of those times. Despite what they say, the UK RC industry wasn't simply about making money. I still view this site as one of the most amazing libertarian experiments that will happen in my lifetime. Where else is there to talk about that with people who were there?
'If you're one of those who can, make certain that you do."
Perhaps it's time the forum had a little change of direction...

I'm not exactly sure what that direction may be, or if the staff/owners are even willing to entertain the prospect. It would be interesting to hear suggestions from people though.

Something tweek mentioned in chatbox was to have a private forum for long-term, trusted members where perhaps some topics could be discussed a little more freely. That idea certainly has an appeal.

I agree that this place as it is is a valuable resource tool with a lot of great information and shared experience.
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if you carefully read the entire site you will find a hidden code that tells you where to score...

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