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I Need Advices
Hi folks im new on this cycle i wanna create my own blend for my using and for some friends but i hear its a lot of dangerous with Acetone Solvent is there any another Solvent which is more safer ? If yes please name it.

Also i have currently Coltsfoot (Herbs) and i buy it from one RC Shop the below list of chems : MAB-CHMINACA , FUB-AKB48 , ALPHA-PVP , AMB-FUBINACA its good they told me.

But im scary on Acetone using as i told before.. if you have some advices would be great fellas ;)

Thanks and welcome i at this forum its great and a lot of educationalble. Cheers.
Acetone is the only option really.. just make sure it is fully evaporated.
Apart from things like water most solvents require some care but it you shouldn’t need to be a qualified lab tech to handle it - indeed I think ensuring correct amounts and homogenous blends (no potency hot spots) is a more important aspect
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"
I buyed 100% acetone 1L lets make some tests :P

Just create my first Blend of FUB-AKB48 30gr of Herbs > 1G of Chem , STRONG 7/10 With a good tolerance.

I think tomorrow i will create the MAB-CHINCA lets see! Acetone as solvent (2 hours at least i let it for evaporate)

More tips soon! Thanks

niamh edited 06-09-2016 01:02 AM this post because:

Oh good god. You're intending to sell this, right? I'm pretty sure you've been banned before.

The kind of questions you're asking show that you should not be endangering other people by making a product you have only a marginal understanding of. You know people occasionally for from using these substances. It happens more frequently in the USA where there's lots of small scale production by people who don't understand the potential for fucking up lethality.

I'm banning you again because while I'm totally behind helping individuals to understand the risks and use the drugs that they have chosen to use in safer ways, we're not here to help you profit from selling a product you're clearly not competent to make. And we won't be misled into enabling you


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