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How do other RC stims compare to the likes of 3-FPM?
Hello gents,

I got to the RC stim scene a bit late and was wondering if you could give me a quick run down on how they compare. I realise there are lots of trip reports etc. but I'd really appreciate a brief summary on how you rate them and how they compare in a handy comparison thread. I mainly used 3-FPM and 4F-MPH. I briefly tried 4F-EPH and think I tried each of Ethylphenidate and Isopropylphenidate but a bit hazy on the latter two.

3-FPM - Probably my favourite RC stim in many ways, nicely recreational. Good mix of stimulation and body high, good party vibe, very horny and potential for some euphoric effects at higher doses. Fairly short acting.

4F-MPH - Another favourite of mine. Far less body high compared to 3-FPM but extremely stimulating head wise, very potent. Great for getting stuff done at lower does, quite messy at higher, both functional and recreational depending on dose, very clean feeling. Extremely long lasting.

4F-EPH - Only tried this a few times, quite similar to 4F-MPH in many respects but with more of a jittery edge, which some nay like. Good stuff but I favour the former.

Ethylphenidate - I can't really recall but certainly had value, I believe this was fairly similar to 3-FPM.*

Isopropylphenidate - I can't really recall but certainly had value, I believe this was very jittery, short acting and only used in lower does due to palpitations.*

*I may be mixing these two up, I recall dosing alternately as they seemed to compliment each other well, almost as each filled in the gaps left by one another with one being extremely clean, almost functional and the other a bit more messy / jittery.

Hex-En (Ethyl-Hexedrone) - Never tried, would appreciate opinions

Pentylone - As above

So 3-FPM and 4F-MPH are really my reference points so comparisons to them would be great, happy for you to add a brief summary of those too so I have a reference point of your opinions.

Many thanks!

Nobody?  Juggle
N-ethyl-hexedrone is a very smooth compound. All side effects are minimal. No jitters, no heart issues, and very easy going in terms of physical stimulation.
Hex-en mainly provides mental effects. A slight increase in emotion, some mental stimulation, overall a very laid back character.

Doses of 50mg are where euphoria begins to present itself. It comes on fairly slowly, and the main effects one would look for begin to fade approximately 2 hours after dosing.

Hex-en is not a study drug, it is much more recreational than something like isopropylphenidate. If you decide to dose for focus, you'll find yourself side-tracked, thinking about other fun things you might wish to do.

I think hex-en was very over-hyped, but it definitely has its own place as a research chemical.

In extremely high doses, slight movement of objects may become apparent, I do not recommend seeking these visuals out.

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