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How and what effect does citric have with the phenidines?
I'm used MXP about 8 times, and diphenidine once. The first four times were amazing, severe time dilation and proper dissociation but ever since the fourth use (despite 1 and a bit week in between) and increasing the doses a tad I've been affected in a different way. It's more like being drunk (as it was originally) but time dilation is much much less pronounced or existent, and i just feel fucked but not in a dissociated way. I also get the cognitive retardness that is usual, and feel a little psychotic (I could handle it fine if there was dissociation).

My doses have increased a fair bit, initially with no tolerance 60mg had me having a great old time, and 180mg that same night after sobering up somewhat holed me. The next two times at 100mg were also great.

After that however, I've not been too dissociated at all, and I'm wondering how I can counteract this/return this to baseline? Does drinking orange juice/lemon/citric liquids help with this? I have crystals, should I crush them up and mix it with OJ? Does this mitigate tolerance or just increase the absorption and thus effects? Should I take much higher dosages to achieve dissociation?

Some advice would be great, thanks!
I remember someone in this forum were telling the same thing about citric and MXP synergy but Ive never tried in that way.
Orange juice/vitamin C gets amphetamine out of your system quicker and decreases absorption, but it does not have any effect on *phenidates.

Fuck I misread phenidines as phenidates ignore my post.
Who the fuck is Psychoactive Substances Bill and why is he taking all my drugs?
It's to do with absorption and solubility I believe. The citric acid reacts to create more of the salt and this is better absorbed by the body or so I recall from the other threads on here. MXP and diph both benefit from this. Ephendine is more water soluble so this treatment is less/not necessary to maximise the 'hit'

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