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[How To] - Anonymous posting
As has been spoken about here and there, Anonymous Posting has been enabled, currently only in specific places on the forum (the Trip Report section currently).

To use this feature it is very simple.

When you see this "Anonym Username" field above the thread subject, you can fill that in with any name to post through our Anonymous account.

If you wish to post as yourself, just leave it empty.

[Image: aOHR8g1.png]

This will be useful for people wishing to post reports on compounds without wanting to be identified for a whatever reason.

Please do not use this for ad-hoc posting out of nowhere such as 'live' trip reports.

General best practice for writing reports is to do so on your local machine in NP++ or Word before submitting as we cannot guarantee that the final post can be edited without removing your anonymity.

Do note, the name you type in the Anonym Username field is the name that will display on that post, though it will technically be posted through our Anonymous account.
This means any rep given to it will be given to the Anonymous account, it will not be forwarded on to the original poster for anonymity reasons.
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