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Hi there :)
My name is Crash (no, not really), I'm 27, and I'm located in the United States. I hope that's not too personal. I've spent many years researching RCs but took a one and a half year hiatus from it. I come back and the world of RCs has changed drastically. I'm a veteran of the OLD CRU site, before it went to hell. I'm just looking for a safe place to discuss RCs with like-minded people and to find accurate information about vendors who won't rob me blind. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!
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Nice to see you've joined.

Just making it known this site is dropping activity and mainly used as an information archive these days.

Our new sister-forum https://forum.drug.cafe is open and a lot more active.
And considering you're from the US, maybe beneficial too as vendor discussions are allowed over there.
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