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Hi I'm new to this forum, I'm nearly half a century old and still a psyconaught,
Just shows that if you follow a few simple rules like stay hydrated, make sure you eat properly (five a day) get some sleep, and have days off recreational subs. Then you can live to be a ripe old age, unfortunately I'm partial to some Horse so I can't Have any days off from that but I've been using H for 25 yeyears so I must be doing ssomething right lol. So I thought  I'd jussay 'yareet'
Hey there.

This place is kinda dropping off in activity lately.

I would suggest joining our sister site https://forum.drug.cafe/
It's more active and a bit more lax with conversational rules, this site is mainly just still here as an information archive.

That's some time to be on the horse.  I'm coming up a month and a half clean cold turkey from a 1-2g/day habit and intend to stay off, the urge is still there though.  I think i maybe would have lasted another 6 months or so at the rate i was going, everything else had jumped on the horse, oxycodone, fentanyl, meth, coke, heavy drinking, alprazolam, heavy ketamine binges, random RCs used irresponsibly.
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