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Hey guys
question for you all how would I make a research chemical spray which you can eat ?? And what is best for starting off with 

What would the ratio be etc 

I personally don't think that you will have any luck with that.. the solvents that are used to make herbal blends are no good for ingesting (they are evaporated off the final product).. and I'm very syre there are no cannabionds that will dissolve in PG or any other sutible liquid for ingestion.
I love this Guy!

I am very interested in the whole research chemical sprays that you can eat side of things.   Hit me up Dude!
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Oh ok then what about for making a herbal product with for testing ? What is best research chemical to mix with acetone ? Thanks guys

I tried likes of cherry bomb , Pandora , clockwork and I can't get any of this no more so I'm thinking on making my own to smoke but I don't no where I would start on this so hopefully someone can help me thanks
Well I thought you were talking about cannabinoids, as you posted in the cannabinoids section.

You will need to be a bit more specific about what you want.
If you're looking at how to make smokable blends of cannabinoids, you may want to look at this thread, which describes the process and makes mention of the safety aspects of using acetone as a solvent, which you should pay attention to.

A wide variety of cannabinoids can be used for blends, though they have different doses, so the amount used will vary. Which cannabinoid to use comes down to availability (which we cannot help you with) and personal preference. The cannabinoids that were in brand name products varied, but the ones you mention most frequently contained a combination of 5F-AKB48 and 5F-PB-22.
Thanks for the reply what is your all ? Think of tjh018 as I can't seem to find anything on this product ?
Personally I like the strong MMB-something or other (I forget the name) but it's much stronger than the others and you must be very careful with it. I made mine into e-liquid.
(10-10-2016, 07:02 PM)Tails Wrote: Personally I like the strong MMB-something or other (I forget the name) but it's much stronger than the others and you must be very careful with it. I made mine into e-liquid.

Let me emphasize that. People have died overdosing on the more potent cannabinoids. Blends can have hotspots which is a serious problem when a small speck of powder could launch you into full on overdose territory. With THJ-018 which is relatively lower in potency, there's less risk of getting something wrong enough to do you serious damage. None of them are safe as such, but the risks get bigger as the potency does.
On second thoughts also.. I keep forgetting about the older cannabinoids. Now they are all banned in the UK my actual favourite mix was probably 75% UR-144 and 25% AM-2201.

I found that to be pretty good for me.. the UR-144 was very moreish though and didn't induce enough paranoia for me and I used to go through grams of the raw powder on it's own.

UR-144 more indica like
AM-2201 heavy paranoia inducing sativa like

I did try some of the JHW range before those but I honestly can't remember the exact names.. one of them was pretty good while the others were sub par IMO.

I wouldn't personally make a blend with the MMB but it was good for e-liquids with 100-200mg making 100ml of strong c-liquid.

I also made a blends once with around six different cannabinoids mixed in equal amounts. It was very nice, but probably not the best of ideas thinking back on it.

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